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3/23/14 2:47 P

treadmill 1 hour at least-

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3/23/14 9:32 A

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Too much work to log more specifically? Not really. It really only takes a few moments.

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3/22/14 2:35 P

If you do the same things every time you go to the gym, you can create a custom grouping. Then you can go to the groupings tab and just click one button for the whole workout. For example, I have a workout labeled Cardio/Weights, which is:

--15 minutes treadmill at 15 mph
--30 minutes circuit training (including boot camp workouts)
--15 minutes stationary bicycle

Of course there is no generic "gym" because people do vastly different things at the gym at different speeds/intensities.

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3/22/14 10:33 A

They can't have a generic 'gym workout' because the activities that people do at the gym can vary SO much. If you wear a HRM and know your calories burned I think that there is a generic entry for that (I don't have one so I'm not sure how exactly it works). As far as it taking too long to enter individual exercises- try adding your regular exercises in favorites or making groupings. Then, while you do have to enter them all once, after that you can just click on which ones you want to add. It never takes me more than a couple of minutes to add my workouts in now.

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3/22/14 10:29 A

You could always just click the link to Enter Your Own Exercise, and call it whatever you like.


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3/22/14 8:29 A

I'm not sure how to track my gym workout minutes. I'm also not sure why they don't have a fitness center or gym workout so that if you were there 60 minutes doing a work out you can't log it that way. All I saw was gymnastics listed. Need some help. The cardio and strength workout things look like too much work for me to log.

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