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I don't see where you have posted those previous questions, but we do respond. As for tracking, you can go to your nutrition tracker, you can type a food item in the search box that says "what did you eat?" Once you do that, click on the search button and you should then see a list of items that you can click on and then add it to your tracker. When added to your tracker, the calories and other nutrition info will show on your nutrition tracker.

You may find this video tutorial on using the nutrition tracker helpful:

Coach Denise

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this is about the 5-6 times I have sent in asking why and how can I have my regular food counted with my calories, etc on my callendar . is it only the food that are on the food plan for that week that show the calories, and etc.? I would appreciate your help with this .I know you have a q and A. but is there anyone else that answers your e-mails
Thank Kindly

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