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12/26/12 8:08 A

I have given up. No matter how I change my exercise goals, I get no calories to burn each week. I track what I do and forget about the program.

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12/25/12 6:16 A

Your weight loss goals are irrelevant to your cardio goals. The relevant factors are your weight (which affects how many calories you can expect to burn per minute of exercise), and the days and minutes you expect to work out in your Exercise Goals.

Update your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) to reflect what you think is a reasonable level of weekly activity you can commit to.


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12/25/12 5:48 A

hi guys!
i recently restarted my goals here, and with the same data (weight, weight loss goal) it suddenly tells me to burn less calories a week (360 instead of 600) and when i track cardio it gives me different calorie burn numbers (a LOT less)... any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? thanks!!

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