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9/17/13 9:01 A

Here's an Ask the Expert you might find helpful:

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I second the HRM idea. Since I got mine I couldn't be happier. It took the guesswork out *and* its a great way to kep you from phoning it in ( I first thought about one when I realized I'd not been putting my all into insanity for a couple days and was thinking if I should cut the time when putting it into the tracker, or if maybe I should redo the week before moving on... even had a phase where I took about 10 min off and added a second entry for stretching because I thought the calorie difference was significant and I didn't want to over estimate).
When I mixed exercises it was also a godsend. For the time I was going to the gym, I liked jumping on the treadmill for a couple min (to get HR up) between sets on the machines, and this way I didn't even think about keeping track of how long, etc. Just went.
Highly recommended (but be sure to get the one with a chest strap!), now I just put the time and calories straight from the watch and don't have to think on editing anything or how to name the exercise (specially if I did a mix of stuff).

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9/17/13 12:19 A

I know the tracker has some classes, so you may be able to find something similar. You also could see about using a heart rate monitor to try to track calories burned. It may not be 100% perfect but could be close.

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9/17/13 12:10 A

I have been doing some great YMCA GROUP CLASSES- GROUP POWER; CORE POWER; &CARDIO SCULPT, These are great & vary fro 30 to 45 to 60 min. How do track calories burned for these onto my Tracker?

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