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9/30/13 6:13 P

So today I started this method, I used the timer on my phone and repeated it for 25 times. I set the timer for 1min 30sec and I took a bite only when the timer when off, some times I took didn't even take a bite every time the alarm went off. but I waited atleast every 130 to take another one. needless to say I felt fuller before my meals were gone and ate way less calories today

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,261
9/30/13 5:48 P

There are already entries in the Nutrition Tracker -- just search "misc calories" without the quote marks of course. Obviously lots of people have run into the problem of trying to guesstimate what they ate.

I did it on Saturday. We went to Sam's and they were handing out all kinds of stuff. Some of it healthy choices, some maybe not so much. I tasted a few things and then just used one of those "misc calories" to make an entry in my Tracker, and used the "Notes" section to mention that it was Sam's. Those misc. calorie entries won't give you carbs, fat, protein. But it's not like I eat that way all the time. I just wanted a ballpark figure to put in the Tracker.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,746
9/30/13 2:38 P

I've seen some people create a new food called "random calories" and use that whenever they guess their calories

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9/30/13 1:45 P

You can create new foods in the tracker in order to, as IM suggested, guessitmate how much you had at a party and keep a note of it in case you notice a slight uptick.

You can't add photos to your tracker but the photo can serve as a reminder of what you ate so you can track it later.

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9/30/13 12:50 P

icedemeter -- first of all -- what a COOL name, love it!

second, love your ideas but... can you tell me HOW I would add content to the tracker outside of food choices, and also how I would enter a photo into the tracker? Didn't know I had those options!

thanks so much.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/30/13 12:35 P

Pfffft at "organized and mature"! You went to a social outing, enjoyed yourself, ate a reasonable amount of delicious food, and are carrying on with your usual life today... sounds pretty organized and mature to me!

If it were me, I'd make a list of what I had, with a guess as to the amount, and pick some generic or restaurant version of what it was that sounds relatively close. This gives me something to track, but I don't really worry about what it totals out to. In my opinion, one day where I might have eaten at maintenance level is just not something to get my knickers in a spin about --- enjoying my social outing is far more important!

The other option is to just enter "party foods" as a new food item, with a rough guess as to the calories (say, 1200 for the lot?). Either way, I'd put a note in the tracker that I was at a party, so if I notice something amiss later on, I'll know that I was out that day (I have absolutely no memory, so notes are required for me).

Since this is something that you do fairly often, you might find it easier to snap a quick picture of your plate before you eat, so that you have something to refer back to when you're trying to figure it out. It sounds like you made some great choices, so kudos on learning how to enjoy your life while still eating as healthily as possible!

A1HOTDOG Posts: 75
9/30/13 11:52 A

I had a party I went to on Friday. I eat what was offered. entered the main items on the tracker. had 3500+ calories when I was done. just know that you enjoyed yourself, did the best you could and move on. I know you are back on track today emoticon

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9/30/13 11:25 A

So yesterday -- as is fairly common -- I went to a cocktail/dinner type of event where there a wide range of foods available (potluck). I ate some veggies and fruits, I had a couple of crackers with some sort of dip. But of course that doesn't make a dinner...

so I took a little of this and a little of that, avoiding anything creamy, sweet, or heavy on starch. I have NO IDEA what was in many of the dishes (for example, a nice salad with some kind of light dressing, or a tasty bean dish).

Yes, I know: if I were REALLY GOOD I would have eaten at home, then nibbled a couple of carrots, and gone home.

But I'm not that organized or mature! And I'm pretty sure that I didn't overdo or eat beyond my normal calorie count. But on the other hand, I'm not even sure how I'd add a guesstimate of those calories to my Spark tracker!

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