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8/4/11 4:01 P

Your fine, 50-100 calories x 2 is nothing to lost focus on. Keep the path.

8/4/11 6:20 A

I have been there many times myself. I start NEW each and every day. I learn from my mistakes and try to avoid them the next time Im about to get myself in that situation.

Soups are high in sodium and hold water like crazy, same with delicious sauces. I try to get baked anything and bread is my choice of carbs rather than pasta.

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8/3/11 9:06 P

I have had a tough few days, and gone over in calories by about 50-100 a day, but exercising daily, except today, and have dropped 6 lbs since i started 2 1/2 weeks ago. i feel like i am doing really good, and do have my days where i struggle. I guess i just like knowing if others are the same. I dont feel guilty for lettin loose. I went to olive garden and had the chikn parm, without the ziti you get with it, had a few bread sticks and soup. I was surprised hpow many calories it was though. Anyway, just felt like venting, and even though i go over in calories, i do not say "F" it and completely fall off the cliff. Just felt like venting, just interested to see how manyu of you have had the same issue at times. Its weird, I dont feel bad for going over the past few days, but I have to admit, I do worry that i will over eat at times, as sp can be a little restrictive at times. Last week I burnt over 1100 calories, and have worked out sunday, monday, and tuesday. Sorry to ramble, just dont want to fall off the tracks after a tough few days,

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