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9/26/13 9:44 P

thanks becky for the advice,I cant really eat past 6:30pm cause of my acid reflux,so thats abit hard..but I will buy some more fruit over the weekend,then I can eat a banana for dessert :)

KALIEBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (107)
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9/26/13 9:42 P

thanks anarie,I did play with the tracker abit today to see what worked for me,so hopefully it will get better :) thanks for all your advice

KALIEBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (107)
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9/26/13 9:41 P

I cant really eat past 6pm cause of my acid reflux disease,and I cant drink milk products,milk and yogurt make me sick :( but I am having a cup of tea so mabe its adding a few calories

KALIEBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (107)
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9/26/13 9:38 P

hi,im not measuring,well its only my 2nd day and really havnt had alot to measure so far,mabe the chicken,but it was just an average piece.I might have to invest in a scale in the future,I think I did better today,I guess the true test well be on tues morning when I weigh in,thanks for the advice :)

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9/26/13 11:43 A

you can still eat light evening snack. a warm milk or a yogurt perhaps?

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9/26/13 7:28 A

are you measuring or guesstimating?
I thought I was eating too little, but that was because I'd assume "oh, that's about a cup" or "it can't be over 300g", etc
Its not easy, and we tend to under estimate quantities.
I'd suggest getting a kitchen scale and you might be surprised with what's actually going in ^_^
I had one back home and it opened my eyes as far as labeling vs truth. bought a bread that had a serving of 1 slice (it was pre-sliced), and named that 17g (I think, it was under 20 anyway)... but most of the slices were closer to 25 or 30 than 20... and I won't even get started on the other stuff I guesstimated.
I'm back to doing it now (don't have a scale at school, and grandma would kill me if I got one), but I tend to ignore days that sound low when I don't feel hungry; especially when most of the stuff I eat is home made and guesstimated.
Also, I use a second tracker, and the calorie counts are usually ~10-15% off by the end of the day.

ANARIE Posts: 13,175
9/25/13 9:27 P

You're under by almost 25%. That's not okay. It's not just about the calories. If you only had 900 and some calories, that means you didn't get enough protein, calcium, fiber, iron, vitamins, etc. When you don't get enough nutrients, you get sick.

If it's one day, it's not a big deal, but over time, you do need to learn to eat enough nutrients without too many calories. The best way to do this is by NOT waiting til the end of the day to total everything up and "hope" you're not over or under. Instead, sit down right now and plan what you're going to eat tomorrow. That way, if you're not in the right general calorie range or if you've got way too much carbohydrate and almost no protein, you can change your plan. With a computer nutrition tracker like this one, it's easy to try out different combinations until you come up with the right number of calories and a good balance of nutrition.

Also, if you don't think you can figure this out on your own, you can use the SparkPeople menu plans. Most people don't use them exactly the way they appear in the tracker because they're not very practical-- they might call for an English muffin one day and never call for another one to help you use up the package, for example. But what you can do is look at a whole week's plan and choose one or two days that look good to you, and use those more than one time each. Or you can take the lunch from one day and the dinner from another day to make combinations you like.

Whichever way you decide to do it, *planning ahead* is key. And besides helping you lose weight, it will also help you save money! If you plan out several days ahead of time, you use up all your groceries before they spoil and you don't buy things you don't need.

9/25/13 9:16 P

I would suggest and evening snack:
carton of yogurt with some fruit.
lowfat cheese and cracker
whole grain cereal, milk, fruit
1/2 a turkey sandwich
hummus and chips


KPA1B2 Posts: 782
9/25/13 9:16 P

I struggle to eat enough on some days. On all days I struggle to get enough protein.

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9/25/13 7:50 P

hi,I did my first meal tracker today,and this is what is says and I just finished dinner-
Totals: 973 143 22 49
Your Daily Goal: 1,200 - 1,550 135 - 252 27 - 60 60 - 136
Remaining Today: 227 - 577 0 - 109 5 - 38 11 - 87

I cant eat anything more tonight..I did my best to try not to go over today,and I guess im under? is this really bad with figuring out calorie 44 and weigh 151 pounds and im 5''2..

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