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1/24/13 9:45 A

It's really common to find your appetite isn't as large when you first get started on healthy living. Don't worry, it'll likely correct itself. ;) Mine sure did!

In the meantime, here's some great tips for boosting your calories:

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1/24/13 9:39 A

Thanks everyone. I upped my intake yesterday. I wasnt hungry at all but was still under 2000 cals!! emoticon I'm either doing something wrong or this is easier than I thought! emoticon

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1/23/13 7:52 A

Personally, I love nuts! But I have to be careful because they are higher in calorie but they are an excellent source of healthy fats, a little protein, and some fiber. And since they're plant based, no cholesterol.

I bought a box of the Jif to Go containers at Costco for work and I allow myself a half a container most days of the week. And I usually eat it for my afternoon snack so it gives me something to look forward to during my crummy call center job.

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1/23/13 6:43 A

I eat peanut butter almost every single day (I portion it, of course) and couldn't imagine not eating it. It's always been a favorite of mine. I try to make sure it is natural peanut butter without added sugar, etc.

Nuts are healthy and will definitely add some calories quickly if you eat too many of them, so that may be an option for you.

If you like guacamole, avocado is healthy but can have some extra calories due to the healthy fat in it. Yummy!

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1/23/13 2:43 A

Salted nuts aren't a good option - try roasted unsalted, or just plain nuts. Peanut Butter is good, but just check the nutrition label re salt and sugars and go for the lower options. Often chocolate nut butters have a very high sugar contents, so go easy on them - they often aren't as healthy as they may seem.

It often takes a while to tweak the nutritional intake so that it is a healthy balance, including getting you into the healthy calorie range. It is important that you meet these, and that you eat all your meals.

Remember, too, that baby steps are the way to achieve long-lasting success. Changing lots of things at one time (including what and how much you eat) can set you up for problems further down the track. The gradual changes are far more likely to become embedded as a healthy habit :-)


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1/22/13 11:42 P

I always had your problem :P Honestly, I find nuts are great- as is milk. I drink SO MUCH milk. Everybody always says, "Don't drink your calories!" but for people like us... it can be a must! Milk is my go-to because it is a protein, potassium, and calcium powerhouse, and it's mostly water anyway.

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1/22/13 11:40 P

Keep up the good work!!!

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1/22/13 11:16 P

Nuts, nut butters (e.g., peanut butter, almond butter, etc.) are great for heavier snacks. As long as you are within the suggested ranges for sodium, cholesterol, and fats, I would say go for it.

Other suggestions if you are full would be to drink 100% juice with your meals to try to up your calorie content.

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1/22/13 2:05 P

thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, I started on monday weighing 18 stone 7 lbs and feeling depressed. I was introduced to this site and after the first day I had lost 4 lbs!! When I tracked my food I only had around 1000 cals for the day. I know this is too little, but I really wasnt hungry and felt fine. I have upped my intake today but i'm still under the 2000 cal mark!!? I'm snacking on fruit because snacking is my biggest downfall. I read that nuts are okay, does that include salted peanuts and is peanut butter and good snack?

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