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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,446
4/7/14 4:50 P

Maybe try it for a month, see if you can find something there (a class, a workout partner) that will motivate you to come regularly.

That being said, you can get fit and strong with minimal to no equipment. If you haven't been working out, anything you do will be helpful.

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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,180
4/7/14 2:52 P

Waste of money...not waste of money.

The best advice I ever got was, "Do whatever exercise you will stick with." For me it is walking, but I also used to like Curves because I felt I was stronger and also it took a lot of inches off me.

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,207
4/7/14 1:13 P

i have been thinking of joining myself :)

ZORINIA SparkPoints: (16,853)
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Posts: 374
4/6/14 8:46 A

I found for me that if I do my workouts at home... they don't get done. I joined the gym because I needed a reason to workout. My husband is just like yours. He didn't want me to waste the money. That's the reason I have to go for at least a year, if I stop going, he will get mad about the wasted $20 a month. So I go, 5 days a week before work. Even on the days where I find myself running late cause I didn't pack my bag the night before, I still somehow get there and get a workout in and feel better for having done it.
I can't go after work though, because I can talk myself out of it. It takes hard work and re-motivating myself almost everyday, especially Fridays, because by then I'm exhausted after a long week at work. I just remind myself that I need this to work this time, that my husband will be ticked if I waste that money, and I manage to get there.
Set yourself up with a routine and stick to it. Mine is M,W,F lifting, T,TH cardio. I'm not a fan of cardio so this helps me a lot. Get a good set of headphones and go do you. I like my alone time at the gym. I find now if I miss it in the morning, it screws up my whole day.
Good Luck figuring out what works for you. Unfortunately no one can tell you what that is but you.

4/5/14 9:00 P

I've had the same problem in the past but since I don't live alone I'm far less likely to workout at home. I have several videos that have gotten very little use. I paid for a gym membership for two years I NEVER used. I said never again but since I can't workout at home I looked for another alternative.

Someone here on Sparkpeople suggested Planet Fitness. The monthly cost is $10 (I was paying $50 for the gym I didn't go to). I did well, fell off again, but at the end of last year I found someone to help me be accountable. Any day I was in the "I just don't want to go" mindset I texted her and she would tell me to "just go even for 10 minutes". I would go and then do my regular workout. I'm back really consistently now. (3x or more per week). So for me it was the accountability partner that helped. emoticon

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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Posts: 9,764
4/3/14 1:01 A

Joining is great Going there is another thing
Best wishes as you embark on this new challenge
emoticon emoticon

VARELSE Posts: 69
3/15/14 9:50 P

For consistency, which is a very VERY common problem with humans trying to build new habits, try time travel. Nope, I am not kidding. Try projecting yourself mentally into the future about 15 minutes AFTER the workout, and focus on how it feels to have finished it. The endorphin rush, the positive outlook, the sense of accomplishment.

If you need an extra boost, then lie to yourself. Yep. I said lie. Tell yourself you only need to do 15 minutes of workout. Just 15 minutes and then if you're still not feeling it, you will stop and go home - well, you probably won't, but don't tell you that ;-) After 15 minutes, you'll likely be warmed up and revved up and ready to do more. Or you may still not be feeling it, and in that case you might really need the recovery day.

These are my go-to techniques and they are life savers for me :P

LSTREVINO2 Posts: 125
3/15/14 9:20 P

Try using home videos first--then consider joining a gym. The 28 Day Spark Challenge is a good place to start. I did the 28 day challenge, and then I joined a gym that is only a mile from my house. I sleep in my exercise clothes and go to the gym or exercise within the first 10 minutes that I am awake. If I even wait for 20 minutes, I make excuses, and then don't exercise. I also made sure to causally talk to a few people at the gym, so that I felt sort of committed. I did this for about a month, and then it was a pattern. I now go to the gym every morning before work.

Good luck

MOLLYBROWN55 SparkPoints: (164,937)
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Posts: 10,858
3/15/14 3:20 A

Hi, just "channel surfing" here, but I say not for me, but only due to serious health issues!

CLAYARTIST Posts: 3,277
3/13/14 11:39 P


TRUCKER72 Posts: 171
3/13/14 9:25 A

If you are already doubting your ability to go to the gym on a consistent basis, then don't join. But you already know that. Discipline is the word you are looking for and also defining what 'consistently' means for YOU. You could merge your desire to pray more consistently with your desire to work out at the gym more consistently and pray for discipline, acknowledging that you can't do this by yourself. Cheers! :-)

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
3/12/14 5:57 P

Really, I've had a harder time with consistency when I've tried working out exclusively at home. I just find there are so many OTHER things I like doing at home (watching TV, playing with the cat, knitting, etc), that it was easier for me to say "oh I'll work out later, I'm too comfortable now". But at the gym, the only thing to do is workout, so I can't get distracted! I also schedule my gym time to an extent so it's become just another appointment that I keep.

Only you know your personality type - will you slack off with home workouts because there are better things to do? Or will you skip the gym that you're paying for because it's too far/the weather is too lame/etc?

SKYLARAGROTERA SparkPoints: (610)
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Posts: 27
3/12/14 3:29 P

I agree with what many others have said... try working out at home first... or...

Some gyms offer a "week free" deal to try out the gym and see if you like it. Now, I've heard somewhere that it takes two weeks of continually doing something for it to become a habit, but this way you can at least go there and workout to try it out.

Also, youtube. It has many free workouts - including walk away the pounds, etc. I find myself drawn to the T'ai Chi workouts there.

Best of luck in whatever you decide!


LEYLA2 Posts: 307
3/12/14 2:58 P

hi there,
i will try to see if goodlife here offers monthly membership that would probably be a better bet, than signing up for a full 1 year membership.

to be honest with you, my biggest problem is CONSISTENCEY. i start something do good for awhile, than fall off the bandwagon....this is my biggest struggle in my life, and i know if i could work on that i would be a happier and more successful in whatever i set out to do.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,969)
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Posts: 26,975
3/12/14 1:44 P


Here's what I suggest. Instead of purchasing a full year membership, purchase a membership for 2-3 months. It is true that most mainstream gyms will try to hard sell you a one year membership, however many do have options to buy a limited monthly package.

That might be a good option for you. Don't waste your money on a full year's membership if you think you'll only go for a couple of months before stopping. I'm sure you and your hubby have better ways to use that money than on a gym membership you've stop using.

Why not ask if you can purchase a 1, 2 or 3 month membership. Try going on a regular basis for that time period. If you quit after 2 months, then you'll only out one month's fee.

CATHM26 Posts: 568
3/12/14 11:59 A

I had a membership but didn't go very often so now I just do videos at home. I find it easier to not have to go somewhere, and the Jillian Michaels videos are just as good as a workout I would do at the gym... if I want to get extra cardio in, I go for a walk/jog outside. I don't know... I like that with working out at home and using Spark it's kind of a no excuses, free situation. I like that we don't need to spend money to be healthy.

With just free weights and a mat at home and videos, there is really no need to pay for a gym membership - unless you really like classes.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/12/14 10:41 A

I get all of my workouts for free on Youtube. Today I did pilates and yoga. But there is every kind of workout on there.

I'd do it at home, first. Get into the habit. Maybe after doing it at home (free, diverse, no time wasted traveling, in your pjs if you want, whenever you want) might decide that joining a gym would be a waste of both time and money.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,979)
Fitness Minutes: (187,030)
Posts: 15,782
3/12/14 10:18 A

doesn't it bug you to spend money for a membership and not use it?

maybe join a more expensive gym so that you really have the incentive to go, otherwise you get hit in the bank account.

LEYLA2 Posts: 307
3/12/14 9:00 A

gym is only a 2-5 min drive from my house, so its pretty close, i could walk there. i don't really have someone near by i could join with. so i would pretty much have to motivate myself to go there.

your lucky you have 3 free training sessions. i have to pay for 3 personal training sessions. and the regular monthly fee.

maybe i should try to start at home first, get into a habit of that first.... and than maybe join a gym.

i think i already answered my own question :P

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,232
3/12/14 8:20 A

idk... I don't go to a gym (exercise at home). But I think your idea of setting aside the time and seeing if you can be consistent at home, first, is good. It is entirely possible to get fit without joining a gym. Keep in mind that going to the gym will also include the time to get there and back. One of the reasons I've never joined a gym is that I know, faced with the drive there and back-- I could be halfway done with the exercise if I'd just stayed at home. But I live sort of in the country and nothing's close by.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
3/12/14 8:02 A

For me, the only way I can consistently go to the gym is to do it *first* thing in the morning before work. Yes, it means that I have to wake up an hour earlier but I keep the barriers to me going pretty low: I pack everything the night before, I make lunch and breakfast beforehand, and I even wear my gym clothes to bed.

To get me in the habit, I scheduled the three free trainer sessions that came with my membership at 6am in the morning so that way I would have someone counting on me to show up, and by the time the sessions were over I was in the habit of going. Maybe join with a friend and set a "gym date" a couple of times a week so that way you know someone is expecting you to show up?

LEYLA2 Posts: 307
3/12/14 7:23 A

hi everyone,
a few weeks ago i went to check out a Good Life gym, near my house, the fees arereasonable, and its an all women's gym.

now the dilema....i have BIG BIG problem with consistency, my hubby has no issues with me joining, but he knows me well. he said you start off going on a regular basis, but eventually, you stop going, saying i am too tired to go. etc etc.... so than he feels the money has been wasted. he is true to a point.

so i thought to myself, maybe before i commit to a gym, i should start at home first, and build up that consistency.

any one else have the issues with the consistency problem, and how did you over come that.

p.s. this seems to be an issue in other areas of my life too.... eating better, praying on a regular basis. etc


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