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KAYE454 Posts: 3,470
8/9/11 9:49 P

not for me I don't like to chance to overeat

8/9/11 9:16 P

I suppose that's a question for which you'll get a different answer from every person.

For me it's not something I'd choose. Dried fruit is concentrated sugar...I know I'd eat more than I can handle. Sugar is a huge trigger for me and I'd get too much way too easily.

I do eat plain nuts sometimes (usually raw almonds) but not very often because they aren't very filling when compared to other things I could eat for the same calories. I do use one or two tablespoons of almond flour (finely ground almonds) as part of the recipe for the pancakes I eat nearly every day though.

But trail mix is just way too easy to over-munch.

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8/9/11 8:09 P

I hardly ever eat trail mix either, because of the reasons everyone else gave. It may be healthy, but dried fruit and nuts are very calorically dense (a lot of calories for a little amount of food) and I find myself having a hard time limiting how much I eat, and it doesn't keep me full for very long, so I would rather just buy almonds instead and eat real fruit.

EVIEBELL SparkPoints: (7,874)
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8/9/11 5:41 P

I love trail mix but I only eat it as a special indulgence, because it's almost impossible to stop at a single serving. Even little bags that look like they should be one serving are usually 3-4 and nearly an entire day's worth of calories in one tiny bag.

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
8/9/11 4:37 P

I just bought some for a recent camping trip. It has 140 calories per 1/4 cup!! That's crazy!! I think I will NOT eat trail mix again!

BELLAARADIA SparkPoints: (0)
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8/9/11 4:03 P

I stick to raw almonds

JENG829 SparkPoints: (15,098)
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8/9/11 3:13 P

I like to nibble on it, but have to restrict portions or I will go overboard. When I'm backpacking though, I eat it to my heart's content. That stuff is perfect for hiking 15 miles a day with a 25lb pack, but not good for when I'm sitting on my backside in the office. It's meant to be calorie-dense and full of fat, carbs, protein... otherwise it would be called "couch mix". ;)

It really depends on if it works for you; does it fit into your eating plan? can you keep to sensible portions?

MARITA40 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/9/11 2:15 P

There are a lot of trail mixes called "Sierra." I just looked and Planters has a "Sierra" trail mix that is a whopping 21 grams of fat for 1/3 cup! Unfortunately, any type of trail mix--especially that with both sweet and salty--is a trigger for me. No way could I stop at 1/3 cup; I'd eat until I was sick. So this is one thing I need to go cold turkey on.

FORMRCASTMBR SparkPoints: (0)
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8/9/11 1:58 P

I love trail mix. I do not eat it often but I bought some this past week and made sure to measure it out and package it into the ziploc snack bags. This way I do not over eat it and count it in my daily nutrition.

I have also made my own trail mix in the past to lower the fat/calories. I have used cheerios, nuts, cranberries and other dried fruits, etc.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/9/11 1:34 P

I eat nuts if my essential fat has been low for days and my hair and skin gets dry- if I can feel on my body I need it.. Never have grief with the scales.. I don't eat them regularly either or any trail mixes it is a welcome change when I get tired of minarine (soft tub margerine).. I need fats not concentrated simple sugars with berries mixed in..
I find some mixes never come in the correct portioning.. I find it easier purchasing a mix self bag with plain blanched nuts.. I can count single units and log them better without over eating on prepacked..

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KERRIJANE123 Posts: 330
8/9/11 12:35 P

I have recently started eating Sierra trail mix and I'm just not sure if it's worth the calories. It keeps me full for a while, but it's really high in fat and calories, but I think it's healthy fat? ugh, clearly I'm confused. Do you eat it? Are there variances I can make that might make it an even healthier snack? What do you think gang?

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