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1/19/14 10:55 A

I like to put butter on my cooked vegetables. The fat in the butter helps the body absorb the fat soluble vitamins in food.

I like to use red palm oil and coconut oil for high heat cooking.

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1/19/14 8:37 A

I switched to real butter (store brand) after looking at all the ingredients in the other stuff. I use extra virgin olive oil to cook with and for salads.

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1/19/14 4:33 A

While there is some difference in opinion on good and bad fats I am convinced butter, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are great choices while margarine & hydrogenated oils like corn and vegetable are poor choices. Avoid trans fats.

I recently increased my daily fat intake which has increased my metabolism, allow me to loose weight faster. All calories are not equal when counting calories in regards to weight loss. Same number of calories with a diet high in fat, protein, lo carb vegetables and getting sugars balanced out by fruit will loose weight a lot faster than same number of calories diet low in fat with more hi carb foods like bread and pasta.

I personally like to use butter, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil equally when cooking. IMO, Saturated fats from meat are also healthy and help prevent heart disease and considered an important fat to consume in regards to weight loss. Probably the reason why 100 years ago, heart disease and obesity was not a problem.

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1/19/14 1:50 A

I like Kevala brand coconut oil.
I use plenty of real butter: Amish Roll from Minerva Dairy. I'd prefer pastured, but this one is exceptionally tasty.
I've used Kerrygold, but I think the Amish is better-tasting.
I don't have a favorite brand of olive oil... mine says it's certified by some group that it's really pure olive oil... but I've read so much lately about olive oil being contaminated with other oils... I just don't know. I hope this one is okay, but I'm not going to spend $30 per pint to be "sure", if that's even sure.

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1/18/14 4:52 P

I use butter, the store brand. I will use a little though

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1/18/14 3:35 P

I use butter (though rarely), olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil for cooking. I also use Smart Balance butter on occasion if I have something I want to spread butter on and sometimes for cooking. There are different kinds and some are lower in calories than regular butter.

I think it's also more about quantity you use. I'm not particularly afraid of fat, but I found that I used much less oil in my regular cooking when I got some decent non-stick pans.

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1/18/14 12:56 P

Well, right now we have Bertolli extra virgin olive oil and land o lakes butter.

Someone I live with uses Brummel and Brown yogurt spread - it tastes ok on toast, but I don't know if you can cook with it. It's like a margerine/yogurt product.
I think it might be lower fat.

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1/18/14 12:48 P

I love all the advice but does anyone have particular brands they recommend ?

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1/18/14 12:32 P

I, personally, am not afraid of fat. In the correct amounts it can help you feel more full. I use extra virgin olive oil and butter.

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1/18/14 12:16 P

Olive oil is great for cooking - use "pure" for cooking (cheaper/handles higher temperatures) and "extra virgin" when using it cold (i.e. salad dressing). I have some in a little spray-bottle, which allows me to use very small amounts to oil the pan.

I also do use butter. I like the flavour. I just don't use very much. I do not concern myself with any question of its "healthiness" when my standard butter serving is about 3 grams.

1/18/14 10:37 A

Everyone has their own opinion on these things, and a lot depends on what you are reading, and what you believe.

I personally use butter, olive oil and coconut oil. They are natural, not "franken-foods", and our body needs good fats to process the nutrients from vegetables and our other foods.

I don't eat the fats from crackers, chips, cakes...(well, I prefer not to).

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1/18/14 10:30 A

I've just started this journey of becoming healthy and I need advice. I have been doing alot of reading and have cc one across alot of contradicting info on butter and oils. Any recommendations for butter and a good cooking oil.

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