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11/18/12 9:02 A

Thankyou all the mom's.
It is a hard one to decide but guess time will tell.
I have left it on God. (Iam a believer)
And, after God my husband needs to see if my going fits in budget.

My kids can be dramatic with 'Papa' around but to me they promise that they will be just fine:)

Sorry, responding so late.

11/18/12 8:57 A

Yes you are very right. Thank you
I think I could be 'upset' for an hour or maybe a day. But, I will get okay after that.
I barely get time with my husband & I miss our alone time.
I know it could be just a weekend away, but he travels so much that just to 'tag' along with him is easier.

Thanks again :)

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11/15/12 8:20 A

My kids are pretty young; 4 and 2.5 years old. We take two "mini-vacations" in the summer. We go camping. The first year after each one was born it was more like a weekend getaway 1x in the summer. Now that they're older we're starting to take two 4 night vacations where we go camping with our friends and have some adult time. They stay at their grandparents.

We don't really go out any other time of the year, maybe the very rare dinner/date night on our birthdays where their grandparents take them overnight. I'm also a stay at home mom and with them all the time so I don't feel *too* guilty at spending some time apart. It always does wonders at spurcing up mine and my hubby's relationship. I think we need it every now and then to reconnect just as a couple.

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11/13/12 11:31 A

We have gone for 5 days without our kids when they were 2.5 and 5 years old but have not gone anywhere as a couple since other than dinners out but we do send them to Grandma's a few times so we can have alone time - then we don't feel guilty because they are having fun with her! That reminds me I should see if she wants to take them for the long thanksgiving weekend! We typically do some house work but always plan a dinner out and I think I will get my husband to the gym with me a few times!!

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11/9/12 9:49 P

Do some soul-searching.
If you are confident you can be away from the kids, and NOT be thinking of them the entire time, then go ahead.
But if you have a feeling that you'll miss them, don't put yourself through it.

Everyone is different, don't compare yourself to your friend.

I was shocked that I really missed my 2yr old and twin 14month olds while I was away for one week. I didn't think it would be a problem, but I was really sad that I was away.

So you need to get to know yourself better.

A-NEW-NURSE Posts: 69
11/9/12 10:42 A

Without! I think it is so important to have couple time to reconnect and enjoy each other! It is also important to expose kids to new experiences and cultures thought, so we try to compromise. One year we go by ourselves. The next we go as a family. We took our little one to Brazil a few times and she loved it!

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
11/9/12 8:20 A

I've been away a few times without my kids, the longest being my honeymoon which was 1 week. I was a bit concerned but my daughter was fine, she spent the week with her grandmother and that was like a mini holiday itself for her. I haven't been away without the kids since my youngest was born (he's almost three ) but we will. I think its good for kids to know you have your own life and lets face it, everyone needs couple time sometimes !

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11/8/12 10:53 P

We have never gone away without our kids- even now that they're adults with kids of their own we still only take family vacations. We've tried to go away without them a couple of times in the last few years but something always happens to change our plans - Hurricane Sandy canceled our planned trip to New York for our 30th Anniversary and by the time we hve a chance to go it will be spring and we'll take the grandkids.

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11/8/12 11:37 A

My husband and I left our oldest daughter for a week to go on our honeymoon. (She was 5 at the time, and I will admit to going home a day early because we ended up deciding not to do something we'd planned, and I wanted to take her and go to the midnight Harry Potter book release! ;)) My two kids go to my parents' for one week a month every summer (at my parents' request), and the go for overnights here and there. My husband and I have had weekend getaways without the kids, but not a "vacation", simply because I like to take them on vacation, and we usually just take one vacation a year. I miss them when we're apart, but I also enjoy the peace and quiet and time with my husband. I think it's important to have family time, but it's equally important to have good, quality time with just my husband. Just as I think it's important for my husband and me to each get good quality time as individuals. Your children will be fine. They're going to their grandparents, which is sort of a vacation anyway, right? They might wish they could go on a fun vacation, but it's not like it's going to scar them for life. My parents did trips without my sister and me, and, while I might tease them about it, it hasn't had any long term negative effects on my life.

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11/8/12 1:40 A

hi everyone, Iam a 31 year old mom from India.
I have twin sons who turned 7 last month.
Iam sort of torn apart between two things...can you please help me figure out what it is that I could be feeling?

In 2008,2009,2011 I did go for ten days without my kids, and left them with my parents. The kids were fine, but also they were much younger back then.

For the last two years, we have been taking them to vacation.
It's fun, but it also means lots of work & no 'us' time.

Now, I think they are growing up and I really do not see going out without them as they will really feel left out(I think?)

But, on contrary I also think if I can manage just another vacation without kids(just once) I should do it.

I know they will be happy with my parents. I know they will enjoy, they may feel a little sad initially but that would go. And, yet I think, will this leave them feeling sad for a long time?

I kow my post is somewhat confusing, but I'm pouring my heart out.
I have a friend my age, who leaves her son for 3-4 weeks every year and explores the world.

Iam a little more less head-strong. I just don't know if I would be okay without them?
I do miss being with my husband.I really want to go with my man alnoe and reconnect and act like honeymooner's but at the same time I end up thinking 'will I enjoy'?

(PS I always cry my way to the flight but then I get ok)

Everymorning I get up (since I planted this thought in my head) I do not want to hop on the treadmill or eat I just cry,,,,Is it possible that I may have changed?
From the woman who loves to go to Vegas etc and enjoy with the husband I have more of a mom in me now?

lots of love

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