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NEWLITTLE1 Posts: 795
5/2/14 4:03 P

I too am a bit thicker in the thighs and get a lot of chafing - it's too hot to NOT wear shorts still so I found this AMAZING product made my gold bond. It's an anti chafe thing you rub on your thighs. It's kindof like anti antiperspirant for your nether regions. AMAZING stuff!

KERRIHH Posts: 41
5/2/14 3:42 P

Thank you all so much! Glad to know that the body glide is worth it!

KERRIHH Posts: 41
5/2/14 3:38 P

Thank you all so much! Glad to know that the body glide is worth it!

KERRIHH Posts: 41
5/2/14 3:37 P

Thank you all so much! Glad to know that the body glide is worth it!

KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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Posts: 1,172
5/1/14 12:03 A

I have used coconut oil because the slippery oil is good for your skin, is all natural, and seems to last for a while. I put it on right after bathing and then just before I head out. Since I have it around for cooking, I've found all kinds of other uses & it smells good, too.

btw, even when I was a skinny kid I remember this being a problem with my thighs chafing during the muggy humid summers or when wearing shorts with a thick seam binding. Try something like a short tight without a seam if you are wearing shorts - capris haven't been as big a problem and long pants almost never are.

WONDERWORLDS SparkPoints: (1,536)
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4/30/14 11:51 P

I use Eucerin when mine chafe. I used it as Diaper Rash cream with my babies and it worked great. I would also use other diaper rash creams when they were still in diapers (only at bedtime or if I was home and know I was not going anywhere). Really helped heal it quickly for me.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,940)
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4/30/14 8:29 P


I own over 25 running skirts, all with shorts underneath, and you can still definitely chafe in them.

KAREN42BOYS SparkPoints: (104,948)
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4/30/14 6:59 P

Don't use vaseline with compression shorts. The vaseline can harm the technical fabric.

PINKIEB1 SparkPoints: (29,685)
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4/30/14 4:09 P

I hate my shorts riding up! I bought a running skirt, which has compression shorts underneath, and I think I look very cute in it lol.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,283)
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4/30/14 3:42 P

I don't wear shorts for this reason. It's sad, because I actually look pretty good in shorts! I just can't abide the riding. So I wear either snug capris, or yoga pants. You can also wear something snug underneath the shorts, but on me they still ride, and I hate how that looks. No hungry butt for me!

LADYREDCOMET SparkPoints: (102,835)
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4/30/14 12:40 P

Baby powder can also work in a pinch. I always keep a little container of it around in case my shoes or thighs (or anything else) start to chafe once the weather starts warming up.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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Posts: 2,744
4/30/14 7:52 A

Either body glide or capris. A pair of North Face ones I got off the clearance rack at my running store are light enough that I'll wear them for anything sub 90 degrees.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
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4/30/14 5:42 A


You can get it at most sports stores. It looks like stick deodorant and it works like magic! I live in the tropics and I use it everyday. I wear skirts to work and without it, I would end up with sweaty, chafed thighs. It is also great for breaking in new shoes, and for sports bra straps that rub in the wrong spot.

Don't bother buying the formula for women--it's the same thing as the regular, only in a smaller container, for the same amount of money.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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4/30/14 1:35 A

Monistat also makes an anti-chafing gel that works well. I have to use it on the insides of my arms when I wear certain shirts, and definitely as our weather goes from hot to hotter. As far as shorts, I have a few pairs of Bermuda-length Fila shorts that stay put. It's already too hot here to wear pants/capris.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,940)
Fitness Minutes: (186,910)
Posts: 15,782
4/29/14 11:02 P

bodyglide, reskin, antiperspirant works in a pinch.

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JUJUMILLER SparkPoints: (19,502)
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4/29/14 10:51 P

I haven't tried it yet, but I bought a Anti-Chafing Gel at the pharmacy by the company Lanacaine. They claim you need just a dap and it dries quick and feels silky smooth.
Good Luck!
I hope this works


KERRIHH Posts: 41
4/29/14 10:13 P

Help! Trying to walk nightly but having issues with thighs rubbing/chaffing against eachother :( Tried different length shorts but sad to say they all seem to creep up and allow for the inner thigh burn. Should I be wearing something different? What are compression shorts for? Someone suggested to grease up w petroleum jelly. Any tried and tested solutions?

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