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BILL60 Posts: 803,438
6/20/13 8:36 A

Welcome to SP.

LLITTLEELK SparkPoints: (347)
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6/19/13 4:52 P

thank you for replying. I will try that. I have a hard to tying to remember what I ate and how many calories. I constantly snack (healthy & unhealthy).

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
6/19/13 4:04 P

Welcome aboard!


RESCUETZUMOM SparkPoints: (1,336)
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6/19/13 3:35 P

Hi!!! I'm new for the first time. I tried something this week that I found helpful. I too was getting tired at certain times, so I started a food diary. Each time I put anything in my mouth I tracked how it made me feel. Tired, happy, hungry, full, etc... I learned a lot of important things that you may learn as well.

LLITTLEELK SparkPoints: (347)
Fitness Minutes: (327)
Posts: 3
6/19/13 3:14 P

Hello SP, I'm starting again. I've always tried different diets but have never stayed committed to a healthier life style. I am always tired but feel part of it is because of my thyroid I am determined to find success stories from people with Graves disease loss & maintaining their weight.

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