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DMJAKES Posts: 1,634
1/17/12 10:17 A

If your elliptical is adjustable (stride length, tension, etc), that might help as well. The elliptical is unfortunately not a natural movement and some people have trouble with it. I can't do it for longer than 10 minutes or my hips start to ache as well.

HUNGRYBRO87 Posts: 11
1/17/12 9:39 A

1) Make sure you are wearing some decent shoes with sole support. Even beyond working out this is just a good idea for your joints and posture.

2) STRETCH: dynamic pre-workout, static post-workout. Make recovery a priority.

3) Lift Weights. Ask if you have questions.

1/17/12 9:00 A

Stretching may help, yes. Strength training your total body will help, too. Making your muscles and fascia stronger will help you be able to work out harder or for longer time periods without feeling so exhausted afterward.

Do you have this fatigue every time? Is it getting better at all? If not, it's something you may want to speak to your doctor about, just to make sure something else isn't going on.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
1/16/12 11:41 P

Are you stretching afterwards? If not, I suggest that, or some easy/gentle yoga. Tired muscles are normal, and they will adapt to your routine. If you're having joint pain, you may need to check with your doctor. Sometimes persistent pains just require a few days of rest and easy stretching/walking as well.

One thing I do, is I try to ice my knees in the evenings after I run, which cuts down on soreness. They key is that they are gradually adapting to the running, and becoming less sore, so I just keep running and icing. If the knee/hip soreness borders on pain, or gets worse, you should definitely stop and check with a doc. Lastly, if you are exercising in the morning, then sitting at a desk all day, it would probably help to make sure you get up and walk a little bit, and do some stretches. Even just standing up and marching in place at your desk for a minute will help to keep the joints from getting stiff.

1/16/12 10:46 P

I received an elliptical trainer for Christmas and have been using it 3-5 times a week. If I use it in the morning, I feel pretty tired and a little weak the rest of the day. Then in the evenings my knees and hips ache. Does anyone know of anything I can do to prevent these things or help ease the symptoms?

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