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10/26/13 2:59 P

Headed to London with my hubby. He is going for work, but I get to go to some of the official functions of the conference as a guest! We have a banquet type dinner on Monday, a reception on Tuesday, and a formal dinner on Wednesday. We come home on Friday. Wow, it sounds like I am going to be very busy when I write it all down!

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10/26/13 10:16 A

I'm guessing from your ticker that the trip is to London (oooh - lucky you!). If that's correct, then you shouldn't have too much trouble with the etiquette.

The receptions and banquets are far more about the networking than the food, so nobody is going to be paying any attention to what anyone else is eating. I would say that the best tip is to keep moderation in mind, and try a little bit of whatever strikes your fancy. Carrying around a half-full wine glass is generally a good way to avoid taking other things that are offered, since your hands are obviously "busy".

As for the formal dinners, that can get a little bit more tricky. I have found that the best thing is to eat a bit of everything until I'm satisfied. Nobody will think less of you for leaving things on your plate, since the Brits are generally just as bad as us North Americans for serving overly large portions. Again, it's about the personal connections, so spending more time at the meal making conversation than eating is prettty much the norm.

Go, enjoy (in moderation), eat as healthy as you can for the other meals, and focus on having some great conversations with new people. Have a blast!

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10/26/13 9:04 A

What country are you going to? Custom and etiquette might be different depending on the specific country.

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10/26/13 7:22 A

I am going out of the country with my husband is going to be working. We are expected to go to a couple of formal dinners, receptions and/or banquets. What is the best way to eat healthy, yet not appear to be rude or wasteful?

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