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4/1/11 9:01 A


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3/31/11 7:45 A


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3/31/11 6:43 A

yep especially if you have a slower computer and these dang ads popping up on top of the spark food entry page blocking your ability to look up another food. You end up having to click out and restart the food entry page. Some of the nutrition info from other members for foods are way off. So I end up having to reenter the food in with the correct info.

No pain no gain. Part of losing weight.

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JERSEYGIRL24 Posts: 22,217
3/30/11 10:08 P

I sometimes feel that it takes too much time, but there is no reason why you can't cut back, even temporarily. I do think that you have to be careful not to spend so much time on Spark that you don't have time to exercise.

JESSALOU7 SparkPoints: (28,515)
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3/30/11 9:16 P

I think that you can put as much or as little time into SP as you want. Is it worth it for me? Absolutely! It's helping me stay on track and motivated.

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3/30/11 8:10 P

It depends. I write my daily blogs, comment on friend's blogs, use the nutrition and fitness trackers. They do take time but are so much worth it!

3/30/11 8:02 P

No. Before, I never would have worried if snacking or grazing was taking up too much of my time. Plus the time I lost feeling like a lug after.

When I think tracking takes up too much time I remind myself of that.

Reading and sharing on the site keeps me in a good mental state so I make sure I do that every day, in moderation along with the eating.


JMUCKINHOUPT SparkPoints: (88,417)
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3/30/11 6:48 P

No, I don't think it is too time consuming. My daily stop at SparkPeople keeps me motivated and reminds me of my goals and why. emoticon

SUNNY1432 SparkPoints: (168,654)
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3/30/11 6:24 P

Sometimes it feels that way, but it's usually due to the fact that I'm stressed with other things that also need to get done.

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3/30/11 5:15 P

no, it is worth the time

BLOUIS SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 3:41 P

I find that, for whatever reason, it is really tedious to put in nutrition information, even if it doesn't take that much time. I occassionally forget to save custom foods I put in, so it's a hassle to reenter information. I also find that most of the user made nutrition info facts are either wrong, or don't apply to exactly the food I'm using.

The rest of the site I don't mind, but there's just something I don't like about the nutrition tracker. Though it's been getting better since I've been saving food to "My Favorites"

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (264,837)
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3/30/11 2:59 P

My family gets annoyed when I am on Spark people. (They don't understand why it matters nor why its important to me.)

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3/30/11 9:23 A


3/30/11 8:38 A

Never too much time to devote to re-forming my lifestyle. emoticon

BILL60 Posts: 944,021
3/30/11 7:30 A


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3/30/11 6:50 A

I don't think so. Spark has kept me on track.

CAROLIAN SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 6:21 A

No it is up to the individual how much time you put into it. emoticon

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
3/29/11 11:15 P

You will find through the use of your favorites, that the nutrition and fitness trackers will speed up. It is an important step to see how many calories you are taking in and working out.

If it is taking too much time, just concentrate on one thing for now. Baby steps can still get you going in the direction you want to be headed.

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3/29/11 3:48 P

I think its a site where you can be involved as much or as little as you want to be. Some like (and need) the support boards, points, menus,etc - and others are just looking for a place to track what they are doing.

HILFOOD Posts: 15
3/29/11 2:54 P

Do you find that spark people takes up too much of your time?

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