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9/15/13 2:34 P

yes, I think you are right. I have NOT been warming up before belly dancing like I should at all.

still can't find a good warm up for my hips, other than hips circles with my hips spread apart.

9/15/13 1:00 A

Thank you! I will look up Garey Crowley I can use his help :)

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9/15/13 12:39 A

It may be because you are super tight. Perform a lot of stretching beforehand and afterwards and spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up before getting to any real exercise (la good warm-up is light walking).

If pain still occurs than i would force your doctor to listen to you or go to a different doctor.

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9/14/13 4:39 A

i just started downloading some youtube videos by this guy Garey Crowley, I think. his stuff is really good. I know with my amount of pain, consistency is the key. but some of his advice for hip pain has been pretty amazing really.

the key for me was deep tissue massage.

i have a problem where my muscles tighten and don't want to release.

same thing happened with my booty muscles several years ago.

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9/13/13 11:28 P

Sports massage therapy can also make a difference by targeting problem areas and bringing release.
-- If the cost is daunting, see if there is a massage therapy school in the area that allows students at a certain level of training to work on patients for a significantly reduced cost. It made a WORLD of difference for me!

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9/13/13 2:42 P

thank you so much. I think i'll make another appt next month as my knee pain is worse. I am 28-29 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago and yet - my knee pain is MUCH worse. and my shoulders hurt, and my neck hurts, and my hips hurt.

surprisingly, I have found exercises to help with my chronic lower back pain and piriformis pain

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9/13/13 10:55 A

You should definitely talk with your doctor and ask for a referral to a physical therapist. A physical therapist can help you with that and give you specific things to do to help manage the pain and even make it feel better. Since she told you to tell her if it gets worse, then she should be listening to you and your request so you can get a referral.

Coach Denise

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9/12/13 8:12 P

I do, but its barely even helping

i just found out you need to stretch AFTER doing the foam roller

I am also getting MELT, a program using a foam roller for aches and pains

I do gentle yoga for my back pain and piriformis and that helps

but, my hips, hamstrings and knees - no amount of exercises for knees has helped me at all.

it really sucks. i need help and rehabilitation

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9/12/13 8:06 P

I have the same issues....LOTS of warming up and stretching throughout workouts/walks as well as MORE stretching & rolling is needed if I wanna not be in pain & be able to move...
the more I change up what I'm doing, the better it is, but if I do the 'same' thing, it seems to be you ever 'foam roll' your IT area?

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9/12/13 8:01 P

I am having issues with my tightness and pain

i have tight hamstrings and hips ( I THINK, the IT band) especially my left side

I also have bad knees, especially my left side.

I am having a hard time getting my gyno to listen to me. she is my main doctor and she told me only if it gets worse to talk to her about it and get areferral for pain. arghhhh.

and its starting to affect me.

any advice?

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