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Don't quit.

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I really liked your story. Unfortunately, it could fit any of us who have fought this weight think for many years. I have been overweight for my entire adult life. At one time, I was over 310 lb and have tried every diet possible. It was not until SP that I have found the change in life style that I can live with -- literally. Now I am 76 years old, have had two heart by passes, prostate cancer and T II diabetes and my weight is 178.
This is my high school weight but then I had muscle. Not anymore,darn it.
I am very glad you have found us and I wish you the very best.

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So I'm going start off by telling you a little bit about myself. i haven't always been 124 pounds, i use to be 180..i woke up one day and i took a long look into the mirror. I decided that i need to change not for everybody else but for my self. I was never happy and i was fed up with feeling depressed all the time. I use to be teased people at school would point at me and call me fat, and me being over sensitive i ran to the girls stall bathroom and i would cry and cry. So one day mom just got fed up and we moved to this little town named Girard,kansas. I started to have more friends. i became more open and i eventually came out of my shell and started to talk again. When school was let out for summer i said to myself oh its so pretty outside, I'm going to go for a walk then it led to another day of walking. And i remember saying to myself gosh this is so much fun and i would just walk and walk everywhere. I walked the weight off i went from 180 to 130 in 6 months. I remember walking in the halls up to my class room and i seen everybody face go into shock, they told me how beautiful i looked. I didn't realize how much weight i had actually lost until they told me to look into the mirror. I felt beautiful, and you know what? i am beautiful. And if i can loose 50 pounds or more so can you! do not give up on yourself, you are worth it. Another thing i have trouble with is keeping the weight off, i do not know about the others lady's and gents out there but it seems like its a never ending battle. Senior year of high School i lost so much weight i went from 130 to 115, then to 109 lbs. Then after highschool, things changed i didnt have anything to do, i gained half of my body weight back in under 4 months. Then i took it off again in june of 2011 my kitty had passed away and i was depressed and i moved out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend, i was 110. And now as of today I'm 124 pounds, if anybody has any tips to prevent the viscous cycle oof the yoyo diet please Talk to me.

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