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1/22/13 1:42 P

My brother-in-law bought us a Vitamix, we use it almost every day, hide all kinds of veggies in our kids' smoothies. Thanks for sharing.

WARMSTRONG2 SparkPoints: (413,328)
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1/15/13 10:30 A

ice, 1 cup frozen mango, no cal. sweetener, & 1 cup low-fat buttermilk

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
1/10/13 7:41 A

I usually make fruit based ones myself - but I've taken a liking to the mocha-ccino ones~!

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (20,017)
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1/9/13 9:58 P

Tofu? Spinach? Kale? Ick!!!!!!!!!!

What happened to fruit? Banana, peaches, cherries, yogurt, juice. Easy, fast, stays with me for hours, keeps me cleansed, only 358 calories.

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
1/8/13 7:49 A

Now that's positive imaging at it's best!

1/7/13 9:36 P

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
1/7/13 2:45 P

I'd forgotten about tofu in smoothies -- thanks for the reminder.

I've not tried the green smoothies yet, really. More of a berry guy. And I love putting oats in them for flavor and texture.

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
1/2/13 4:14 P


Hunter - you're funny as all hell!

Meowzy - I did see some recipes with tofu - I should try it out, so thanks for the info about that!

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
1/2/13 2:22 P

OF course you prefer banana, you little sl...oth. ODIO el tofu, but I might give it a try.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,534
1/2/13 12:45 P

do you like tofu? :P
100g any fruit (I prefer banana) / 100g tofu / some ice *-*
I always use 100 and 100 but I think it would be better if you used more tofu and less.. banana :P but idk, It would probably taste like ew tofu that way.

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
1/2/13 11:27 A

Tofu? o_O Recipe?

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,534
1/1/13 5:04 P

The other day I discovered Tofu Smoothies....
they sound kinda eww (I hate Tofu) but they actually taste good, they're more like shakes but.... anyway, they're low fat, low-calorie and contain a good amount of proteins.... emoticon

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
12/31/12 8:12 A

well it's not a bar really - it's just like a blender except it has a spigot on the front that you can pour directly into a glass...which is pretty cool.

I did some research on the weekend and found a bunch of great recipes for everything from milk based to juice based - to even doing cappuccino/mochaccino type drinks with it... I'm psyched!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,809)
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12/30/12 11:57 P

That sounds delicious! Pardon me for asking...but what's a smoothie bar? I just Googled it and all I get are locations that make smoothies (like a juice bar).
Sounds like you have an extreme blender of sorts.
Regardless, will have to try the peanut butter banana thing. Yum!

BANNERMAN SparkPoints: (345,489)
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12/29/12 2:34 A

i like to make a smoothie with almond milk spinach, protein powder and frozen mixed fruit from Costco

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
12/28/12 2:43 P

I got a Smoothie-Bar for Christmas - which is good because I had been thinking about buying a blender... turns out this can do all that as well.

I looked through the SparkPeople recipes for smoothies and found one for Banana & Peanut Butter... holy crap is that ever good! Filling as hell too... by lunch time I still wasn't hungry.

wow. This is an exciting new world for me, but I'll be using that tool like it owes me a living I tell ya!

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