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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
11/18/12 6:24 P

You said Why havent you posted in so long?
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/23/12 9:51 P

you said that your fave sport is bball.
(It's true volleyball is the one sport that i can play all day and not hate! emoticon )

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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/23/12 4:30 P

You said You had lots of fun playingg volleyball.
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/22/12 12:15 P

you said: Volleyball is my fave sport. But Congradulations on your team winning third at nationals last week!!
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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/16/12 4:44 P

I dont eat sushi eather. It is grose.
You said: you like to play basket ball.
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/15/12 4:11 P

Before I tell you what you just said I want to say that I am someone who will never eat sushi because it has raw fish so that last comment was completely off track.
You said: Why are we talking about foods when we are trying to lose weight? how about we talk about you fave sport?
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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/15/12 1:08 P

You 8 a raw fish and you liked it.
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/14/12 10:24 P

you ate 76 honey buns! Wow you are off track!
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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/14/12 2:37 P

you 8 a banana for lunch
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/13/12 9:41 P

I'm so sorry for you!
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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/13/12 9:36 P

My best friend was eaten last night
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/13/12 9:18 P

Hey, that powder is called starstuff! I found that out in a book called peter and the starcatchers.
Anyway you said: Whew well that solves it. Can we talk about something else now?
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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/13/12 12:45 P

And then Tinkerbell found a tresure chest full of powder that makes every body youner.
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/12/12 10:50 P

Which in doing so reversed never-land and made people age faster rather than stopping the process entirely

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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/12/12 5:57 P

And then I saw Captain Hook kill him self.
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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/11/12 9:43 P

Sorry but I want to interpret my own this time
I found the money after stealing a map from Captain hook who was playing volleyball with tinker bell and losing by 200,000 points.

so here is the next real one foshksjdbfijsdhf ehdksdhf dshfkdsjhfikehb jkdhfsdjkfh kjhfdjksdhf jdhfsdjh jkdhfskdhfksdhj jkhjhkb kjhjkhoihfd ruteoritjer rghjkdfhgufrtujkfdhgoi dhgdkfxhg

FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/11/12 9:39 P

Yes, you can have some of it

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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/11/12 11:20 A

You said: I went swiming in a lake and found a ton of gold

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FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/10/12 8:43 P

You said: I want to turn Justin Bieber to Christ without money!
To that I say

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ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/10/12 2:24 P

I am going to the movies tonoght with my cat.

noswerf tjuyri bendinorfy vezperie sumret zsjus $$$$$$$$$$

FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/10/12 1:36 P

So, you went swimming with some friends? Well, good for you!

and also, gfhgfytgruhjgfcjhgdfjgcfgfjhfcjhgfjhfcnhgc
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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii awawawawawawawawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwawaw
aw ;)

ILISABETH Posts: 2,564
10/10/12 1:28 A

You said: what have you been doing today?
I say: hab nxcckc skjs wiw mnhx JANXXIS jaixJiN jbJ bJjBjIBVcXS

FRECKLE_EYED1 Posts: 854
10/9/12 9:07 P

One person types something random and the next person types what he/she thinks it would be in English. Then that person types something random to continue the conversation. No cussing is allowed.

Example: thgewbjsgud nhjdhfujhyedf jjjjdf could mean So how are you today?

Let's start with this: fhrjhsdhkjdvh edjhskdfbf jhdgjhfbsdf jjjjdbfjsd assddfs kdjfvkdshj

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