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7/2/03 7:46 A

I know how you feel. I lost 70 pounds after my parents died...3 months apart from natural causes...and kept it off for 2 years too. It gradually crept back on because I didn't know to change my eating. That was 23 years ago. I've been up and down since then. Since starting with Sparkpeople almost 2 weeks ago, I now have 41 of 44 pounds left to go.

Welcome to the group. I love it hear, the support is great and tracking the food is a real eye opener...good and bad! :-/

I'm sure you'll reach your goals, too.

Being healthy = eating right + moving more

"That which does not kill me serves to make me stronger" Nietzsche
6/30/03 10:06 A

I LOVE the ocean and the beach, but don't get to see one very often. If I were to move close to a gulf, I'd certainly not move back!
I'm about as Midwest as you can get. Smack dap in the middle of the country(give or take a few hundred miles!). Nebraska. Corn, cows and Huskers! Go Big RED! (Okay, so it hasn't been so good lately!)
I understand completely about the overweight because of other obligations. I am not doing well on my diet, but I do enjoy keeping track of what I'm doing. I really just want to get healthy. Actually, I'll bet we have a lot in common. Just hang in there. I still need to lose 40 pounds. Eating healthy with a large family is difficult. I have two college boys at home this summer and they eat everything I'm not supposed to! Temtation is a booger!

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6/2/03 8:53 P

Hi Farmgal - welcome to SparkPeople. You can do it and we'll be here to help!

What part of the midwest are you from? We're in Cincinnati, a big city, but lots of farms just outside the city limits :)


"Your daily actions and words impact more people than you ever realize!" -- SparkGuy

5/29/03 2:54 P

Well Dragon I maintained it for 2 years then let the stress and demands of life take over; so unfortunately as a result am starting over again but for the last time!!! Kramerms - the "blues" is a sarcstic joke with my family - I grew up as a midwestern farmgal and now live at the beautiful gulf of mexico and they wonder why I won't move back! Thanks for the welcome! This is going to be great!

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5/29/03 11:37 A

welcome Farmgal! I like the take-charge attitude, I think you'll be a big help and inspiration to a lot of people here. But why the "blues"?

"May you LIVE every day of your life."
5/28/03 10:53 P

Welcome. I'm glad you are enjoying it here so far. It's awesome that you've been able to maintain your fitness/weight goals for so long. I always seem to have trouble doing that myself. I know what I should be doing to reach my goals, but somehow I let laziness creep in and prevent me from reaching and maintaining them. What has been your secret strategy for accomplishing this?

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5/28/03 9:40 A

Thanks! Got my first quote of the day today. This is great!

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5/28/03 5:16 A

Hi and welcome FarmGal! With such a positive approach, I'm sure you'll do well.

There is no failure except in no longer trying.
–Elbert Hubbard

"A year from now you may wish you had started today."
-- Karen Lamb

"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a
better tomorrow."
-- Doug Firebaugh
5/27/03 7:27 P

Thanks. I am excited about being able to track accomplishments and to utilize the support group - giving and receiving!

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5/27/03 5:55 P

Hi FarmGal: Welcome to the SP Message Board. We'll help you with your goals and you can help us with ours. Wahoo!

Glad you are here.

5/27/03 3:35 P

My first day is May 27, 2003. Had achieved my weight/exercise goal and maintained it for 2 years. Now 5 years past that I'm on the road to achieve it again and maintain it for life. I never thought I would weigh as much as I do now but I do. I have been the one in charge all along so have decided to forge ahead with a detour and to only see the unhealthly patterns I've adopted in the rear view. Looking forward to everyone I'll meet along the way! I am starting this at work during my lunch hour but plan to utilize the program in the evenings too!

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