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SparkPoints: (73,255)
Fitness Minutes: (34,470)
Posts: 5,088
9/27/12 10:54 A

OUCH! Hope you heal quickly!

Posts: 54,997
9/27/12 10:08 A

Here's a resource you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

SparkPoints: (9,500)
Fitness Minutes: (4,545)
Posts: 925
9/27/12 9:53 A

I got chills reading that, an Ex of mine did that but with trying to scrape out brownies from a tray! (See junk food is bad too!) Hope you heal quickly. I would love to see video demos on SP about food prep and types of products that are proper to use. (I still am getting to know my knife block and figure out what does what)

SparkPoints: (6,824)
Fitness Minutes: (1,441)
Posts: 310
9/27/12 9:52 A

Sometimes accidents happen. Hope you heal well. My recent kitchen accident was while holding hot pans in my hands from the oven, a paring knife fell from the counter and stuck into my toe and then bounced off. All the while, I can't hold the pans anymore because oven mitts only do so well in slowing down the heat transfer.

Since dinner was ready, I wrapped my toe tightly, ate my dinner and then looked to see if it needed a hospital visit (which it didn't, but I did walk funny for a few days).

Posts: 146
9/27/12 9:46 A

Ouch!!! Hope you heal quickly! I sliced my finger while cutting a watermelon, now I just make hubby cut them

SparkPoints: (111,030)
Fitness Minutes: (39,119)
Posts: 20,715
9/27/12 3:23 A

Ouch! hope it doesn't keep you from entering the kitchen en cooking again 😉

SparkPoints: (64,464)
Fitness Minutes: (34,077)
Posts: 2,166
9/27/12 3:02 A

I think when you are in constant interaction with the kitchenware, some accidents are simply inevitable, although the frequency of them can be reduced by knowing how to properly handle them. My wife is far better than myself in the kitchen, but she suffers some form of kitchen accident every month. It is not that she does not know how to handle the tools, but some days can be more distracting than others, and accidents happen when you are distracted. I suspect even chefs suffer a certain frequency of accidents in their kitchen. My frequency of suffering an accident is much lower but I am far slower than her.

SparkPoints: (10,496)
Fitness Minutes: (16,232)
Posts: 385
9/27/12 2:35 A

Well, I do the cooking in the house and my wife and I have lost a bunch of weight and we feel so much better etc etc with much kudos to Sparkpeople for having a hand in it all...

but (and here goes the public service announcement) please everyone, particularly people learning to cook, be careful in the kitchen. Food prep can be dangerous if you get careless...last Saturday, while slicing a nice healthy avocado for our nice healthy salad -

I put the kitchen knife straight through my hand! (like, in through the palm and out the back!)

I've been cooking for 25 years, and couldn't believe I did something so asinine. A day wasted in the ER with stitches and shots. My buddy, who is a pro chef, actually showed me the proper way to cut an avocado afterwards. Led me to think that I would love to see one of those daily Spark articles on "food prep safety" (if it hasn't been done already) from a pro.

If I can't serve as an inspiration, I'll settle for being example! LOL

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