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1/25/13 11:33 A

New Balance is the go to choice of people with wide feet. Nike used to be the last choice, but they are doing a lot better. I wear a size 10 4E. I have two pair of Nike's in that size.

The Nike Dart 9 & Air Pegasus 28. The Dart fits really well. It has decent cushioning and a high arch. And it only retails for $55. The Air Pegasus is a well cushioned shoe. It really does feel like you're walking on air. I can walk in them for 17, 18 miles and feel no pain at all. They have already been upgraded to a newer version, 29's. The 29's also come in 4E. They retail for around $89.

If you're into bare foot running. Vibram Five Fingers are worth looking at. Both the strap and lace versions will stretch to the width of your feet.

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1/21/13 8:07 A

I am a huge fan of new balance, the higher the number the better, but on the advice of someone on another website I brought a pair of aces, like walking on a cloud(not really, just kidding) they are a good shoe, but pretty high on the price list. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/21/13 6:01 A

New Balance

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1/21/13 1:15 A

im double wide, EE, and new balance has far and away been the best last for me

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1/16/13 6:47 P

@ FirstBB24: While I have not had bunion surgery, I am plagued with painful bunions. I have had good luch with New Balance. I currently need a new pair, and will be starting my search with that brand. I appreciate the recommendations on the Asic brand. I'll check those too. Thanks.

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1/16/13 5:08 P

Depends on what kind of ACTIVITY you are doing. I too have a wide "toe-box."

For "court" shoes (tennis, racquetball) I have found Adidas work best
For a running shoe I like Asics or Nike. Brooks also make a very light-weight shoe. I also like New Balance but make sure you don't get a shoe that corrects for pronation. I've had trouble from chin-splints on occasion.
For aerobics and walking Sacony makes an excellent shoe.

I have suggested Fit-2-Run shoe stores in the past to friends. They have a computer device that measures your arch and how your foot strikes the ground when you run/walk. Then it suggests several shoes from various brands. Try as many as you can to find a pair you like.

Good luck with your search.

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1/16/13 3:26 P

I have a short, wide foot, and Asics have always fit me the best. They are wider in the toe box. I always use Asics for running. For other cardio, I like Ryka.

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1/16/13 3:20 P

At Kohls recently my partner found a variety of different brands of workout shoes marked wide which is what she needs. She tried several different brands and styles until she found the one which was comfortable on first wearing.

Something to be aware of is that mens and womens shoes are lasted differently, mens shoes are wider in the heel than are the ones lasted for women.

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1/16/13 1:53 P

If you're a woman, consider trying men's shoes, as they tend to run wider (if you're like me, you may even need men's wide!). You'll be about a size smaller in men's than in women's, although I find this can vary by brand.

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1/16/13 1:45 P

New Balance and Asics

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1/16/13 1:42 P

New Balance
New Balance


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1/16/13 1:12 P

DH has very wide feet...and he wears New Balance.

sounds like it's unanimous so far emoticon

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1/16/13 12:02 P

I will also second New Balance. My dad and husband both have wide feet and they both really like New Balance. If you have a kohls near by, they usually have them on sale.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
1/15/13 10:54 P

I second New Balance. GEnerally you can find them on sale somewhere, too.

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1/15/13 10:42 P

I have had good luck finding New Balance shoes in a wide width. I find them to be comfortable and supportive, but comfort is individual. Is there a certain brand of athletic shoe that you have liked in the past? Many different brands offer wide width now.

FIRSTBB24 Posts: 572
1/15/13 10:23 P

What are the best types of tennis shoes for people with problem feet or wide feet? I have had bunion surgery on both of my feet and need some good supportive wide width shoes. Any suggestions? Maybe not to pricey either. Thanks in advance.

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