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2/18/11 11:19 A

wow, you're at a rough point. I'm sorry you've been working so hard and seeing so few results. The only thing that I had to add was an observation. From what you've written it sounds like you are doing a lot based off of fear. Fear that the type II diabetes will return, fear that you'll have problems with your thyroid, fear that you'll never lose weight... etc... That makes some sense with your anxiety, but I wanted to ask what you do because you find joy in it?
It sounds like you've already improved your health through what you've been doing. Is there any part of that process that you have loved? A part that you have been really proud of? I understand the discouragement of not having lost weight. (The last time i sparked I lost 10 only to gain 15 back in a month without changing anything.) It's easy to give up, when you feel you're destined to be the way you are. But try to see what you've gained, instead of what you're still wanting to lose.

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2/18/11 10:29 A

You doing any strength training? It is an essential part of your overall lifestyle and helped me break plateau's on several occassions.

I would not put that drug in my body. You can do this without it. Stay the course - be very honest with yourself about your calorie intake and your effort put into exercise and you will see the improvements you want.

Do well.


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2/18/11 10:26 A

Thanks for your response. I know Phentermine is not at all ideal for weight loss, but like I said, I'm desperate.

According to the in/out idea, it takes 2600 calories daily for me to maintain my current weight. I've had a daily deficit of 500-1000 calories pretty much daily since Oct. 1. Since Nov. 1 I've been running 30+ minutes 3 times a week with a few off days. I've been doing Wii Yoga and Wii Active 2-3 times a week since Jan. 1.

I drink 50 oz of water minimum daily. I am very good about eating lean protein and good fats. I measure serving and track my food daily. I eat whole grains. I do struggle to fit fruits and vegetables into my diet at this moment, but was having 4-6 servings most days during Oct., Nov, and Dec. I make an effort to eat as little refined or processed food as possible but do not have access to a Whole Foods for that level of clean eating.

I take Metformin for Type II diabetes (even though my glucose levels are now normal;as a preventative), Sprintec birth control and spironolactone, both for PCOS, and iodine prolamine as a thyroid supplement (even though those levels too have been normal since Nov).

All of this for nearly 5 months and a grand total of 3 lbs lost. My doctor has looked at my spark tracking, and believes I should have lost 20 lbs. I'm feeling a little hopeless. If I'm going to stay 100lbs overweight no matter what I do, and still be considered obese and at massive risk for lots of health problems, it feels pointless. That is the only reason I would even consider something with the potential for negative like phentermine. I'm not looking for magic but I appear to be unable to count on what works for 99% of people on Spark.

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2/18/11 10:12 A

Phentermine has a lot of different side effects that could be very detrimental to your long term health. It's a pill that "might" be able to help you to lose, BUT it is NOT a miracle pill. There are no miracle pills you can take that will help you take off the weight. They're all short term fixes for a long term problem.

You don't have your food diary posted. Do you log your food ? I've found that people who say they eat right, aren't eating as well as they could. What types of food are you eating ? Do you eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies ? Eating more fresh veggies has a huge impact not only on your weight, but your health too.

Weight loss really is all about what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. Could your anxiety and sleep issues be keeping you from losing ? definitely. A high stress life can inhibit your weight loss.

What to do ? This is where good nutrition will have the biggest impact on your health. If you do your best to eat as cleanly as possible, you don't need any pills. Ask any of our members who were on medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. They all said the same thing, when they started to eat right, they were able to reduce the amount of meds they took or they came off their meds all together.

As Hippocrates once said,"let food be your medicine". I'm going to recommend a book to you by Tosca on clean eating.

Also, what have you been doing for exercise ? Your doctor should have told you that a regular exercise program can help you reduce your stress. When you reduce your stress, you'll find your cortisol levels will decrease too.

It strikes me that you don't need a pill to help you lose weight. You need a good program to help you reduce your stress levels. Consider looking at a class to help you meditate. Many studies have shown that people who meditate have lower levels of stress than those who don't.

Remember, weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

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2/18/11 8:47 A

Phentermine is a disaster, and I'm pretty sure it's illegal (or at least very highly controlled) in the U.S. It's dangerous, it causes heart problems, and it specifically says it should NOT be taken by people with anxiety problems. Check out this link -
phentermine-warnings-and-precautions.html - for side effects information. It's scary stuff.

Also, phentermine wouldn't help your metabolism - if anything, it would screw it up more because you'd basically be overdosing your system with stimulants, and then taking them away. Get help for the anxiety and the problems sleeping, that's the only way to fix your metabolism.

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2/18/11 8:39 A

I think it's great that you're working with your doctor. Have you discussed insulin resistance? That could affect your weight big time.

Phentermine can have serious side effects but under your doctor's supervision it may be an option for a short time.

Anxiety and insomnia can certainly hinder your weight loss, plus make you feel miserable all on their own. But they can be dealt with or at least controlled.

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2/18/11 8:08 A

I have been sparking since October, running 3 times a week since November, and had lost a total of 3 lbs. I had been staying in my calorie range and drinking water and green tea.

According to basic cal in/cal out, I should have lost 20 lbs. My doctor agrees, and has run some more blood work. She has referred me to another doctor to have my anxiety evaluated, but she doesn't really have any ideas. She has said that if exercise and diet isn't helping, then bariatric surgery wouldn't either.

I have a close friend who took phentermine and lost some weight. I understand that people usually gain it back when they stop taking it, yada yada, there a way that it can be used to help with metabolism? If I took a tiny dose, and took it every three days or every two days, just to confuse my body's metabolism, would it help?

My doctor is hoping that anxiety is part of the problem. I have constant headaches from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth. This releases a constant stream of cortisol, which makes the body hoard weight. I also struggle to fall asleep, and then to sleep well, which means I'm also sleep deprived.

I'm really frustrated. I have changed my way of life and all my stats are great- heart rate, blood sugar- and my bloodwork has been normal the past few times. The usual suspects- thyroid, cushing's - are not to blame, according to blood work.

I know I'm healthier and that's great. But very few doctors are going to tell me that I should ignore being 100lbs overweight.

Any thoughts? My doctor also mentioned human growth hormone, but said they need more data about it. I'm so frustrated.

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