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1/24/12 2:48 A

This is easier to say than do! Be fair, be firm, tell them you love them but don't have t put up with their attitude and behaviour. I had a huge fallout with my 17yr old daughter at the weekend and ended up telling her just how hurtful her attitude and bevaviour was - she cleaned her bedroom, did her laundry and so far has been more pleasant, I know it might not last but maybe a few home truths now and again don't go amiss. I think as mums we never want to upset our kids but sometimes they just need to know life isn't just about them

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1/23/12 7:07 A

Any advise on getting an almost 16 year old girl to not be so lazy? It's like pulling teeth to get her to do her chores and BOY she really has it rough. Putting clean dishes away from the dishwasher and keeping her room and bathroom clean. She gets mad when I remind her but I keep telling her if she would just do it, there would be no reminders. UGH!

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1/21/12 6:59 P

16 year old Daughter is demonic and the house would be so much easier to live in without her in it.
Love her to death but she is sucking the life out of me and her father and her older brother (23) and grandmother (84).
Severe ADHD, clinical depression, 16 female, in love and harboring a nasty attitude toward me and her father for him leaving us two years ago then me taking him back. They were two peas in a pod and now she hates him. Does not follow rules, not great in schoo. IQ 126 ? figure that out. And is still at times so loveable you want to squish her. Mostly she makes it unbearable to live in the house with her. She feels the same way about us. Any suggestions.
OH and after being slapped in the face by one of us, we are heading to court for abuse.
When does this end. 23 year old son was a dream.

CAFEJOJO Posts: 215
7/20/11 1:55 P

I believe that God gave kids their teen age years to make it easier for Mothers to let the apron strings out. I love my teens (17 yr son, 14 yr daughter) but some days they make me crazy. I know very well that when they do leave the nest, I will be yearning for these days again. So, I try to enjoy them when ever we are together. I have 50% custody, so I only have half the grief, LOL.

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7/19/11 5:20 P

Some days absolutely. And somedays I want her to go back to being my cute 2 year old in pig tails.
Then there are the days when you gape in amazement at how far they've come and wonder what great thing you must have done in a past life to deserve such great kids.

And then, just when the world is about to burst out in unicorns and rainbows - they make you want to strangle them again.

7/19/11 4:35 P

Some days absolutely. And somedays I want her to go back to being my cute 2 year old in pig tails.

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7/19/11 1:53 P

I have a daughter (20) and a son (19) that have both moved out to attend college. I appreciate the buffer this has given us in our relationship. They are living their lives and making their own decisions and I don't have to deal with any of the drama (aka arguing) anymore. They still come home for fun's great. They are changing and growing and know they can always come home to a family that loves them.

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7/18/11 11:51 P

pains in the neck!

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7/18/11 1:27 P

The plan with my now 16-year-old son was that he would continue to live at home for the first two years after high school and attend a community college.

He has some issues, and his maturity level just isn't there for a 4-year college. He's always been about 2 years behind his classmates in general social skills and motivation.

Last week, he announced that instead of living with ME and going to community college, he intends to move across the country and live with his dad. He'll go to school at the local community college for two years, then with his residency established, go to UNC Asheville.

I am at turns heartbroken and rejoicing at the thought of him being OUT.

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7/16/11 3:15 P

Oh there certainly have been times when I have felt that way.

Teens can be challenging. Marriage can be challenging. There have been days when I have waited for him to turn 18 so I could get a break from parenting and from being married. There have been those long, sleepless nights when I would figure up the actual number of days until I would be free of it all.

However, it's not always like that. Do I have plans for when my son moves on to start his own life? Oh YES! Yes I do! You bet!

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7/13/11 7:47 P

No,I have two sons age 17 and 14,can be very challenging at times,for me they there is no set age for them to leave.That could change tomorrow lol. emoticon

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7/10/11 9:48 P

I have to say...Teens are tough..My son is turning 20 in Oct. Just graduated high school(was held back in first grade hence the age) and I have a 17 year old daughter.Both have jobs, but son is sooo much lazier than daughter. I never compare them aloud but i think it lolo My daughter works hard and does well in school and is working towards her goals in life.She has had her learner's license for a year and works part time all year and full time in summer.On the other hand my boy SIGH just barely graduated.His grades this year were awful, he's usually an honour student. Works only part time, has not even a learner's license yet, and has no life plan. He doesn't drink or party at all , but hangs with his friends and is a heavens give me some advice please.All he has done is get defensive if I so much as ask a question..Help

SMUISE Posts: 940
7/7/11 1:56 P

YES!! well maybe not move out...but reach the age where the fighting and arguing slows down. Right now I am to the point where I hate to go home....

1972-NEWME-2017 Posts: 83
7/6/11 5:32 P

My son will be turning 17 in January, and he will be enlisting in the Army -- with my blessing and signed permission. When he goes off to boot camp next summer (is it really that soon?!) it will be difficult for me, but he KNOWS that I love him NO MATTER WHAT and that he is welcome at home, wherever that may be.
Don't get me wrong...there are times this year that I have wished that boot camp was THIS year! emoticon LOL But, there is something that my parents once said that rings true: parents aren't doing their jobs properly if the kids don't WANT to move out after high school! Well, let me modify that a little. I told my son that he is welcome to live at home until he's done with college. However, since he will be in the Army while attending college and being part of ROTC (paying for ALL of the college expenses), I don't know if he will take me up on the offer. I hope so, because it's just been the two of us since he was born.

Enjoy and cherish your children while you can. You may not get to see them as often as you would like once they are out on their own. I know I will...

MJREIMERS Posts: 7,513
7/6/11 3:40 P

I wouldn't mind if ( I really hope) my kids lived at home through college. However, they will pay "rent" of some kind. (We save it and give it back when they graduate college to help with a down payment on a house or new car.)

However, we won't allow our kids to "live off us" after high school. By that I mean they aren't going to lay around the house and not work or go to school. Both my oldest, 16 and almost 15, have jobs. One a "real" job, the other cleans a friends house. Both my younger kids do yard work for the neighbors and they are only 11 and almost 13.

We believe that making our kids as independent as possible will help them in the long run. They all have a good work ethic and pay for the "extras" that they want. We pay for needs, but our kids have to pay for the "wants." Ie. One of the kids needs jeans because they outgrew the old ones, we pay for that. One of the kids wants a certain pair of jeans, but has 10 pairs in their closet...that's a want and they buy them.

So far it's working for us. All of our kids get great grades and are respectful. They have a sense of accomplishment when they do something well and know that their are consequences for their actions.

Hopefully, it will continue!

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7/6/11 8:38 A

No, we would never tell our childen to leave at 18. It is too young, we want to make sure they have an education and feel ready to face life. They are welcome to stay till they are ready.


LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
7/5/11 5:44 P

If you're just venting we get it. We all have days like that. But would you seriously tell your child to move out just because he/she is 18?? I would not. I have 4 children, 25 year old has moved out and lives with her boyfriend, 19 year old is working full time and paying board but will be doing aprrenticeship through work, my 17 and 16 year old are still in high school. My doors will always be open to them at any day, any tinme, no matter what. They can always come home if they need to.
We are all super close so the only part I like about them moving out is the prospect of grandkids someday!

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7/2/11 6:37 A

My teen doesn't need to move out of the house when we learned she's getting troubled at school and not doing good with studies. We made a decision to help her to survive teenage life by sending her to a teen boarding school.

For more info on teen boarding school:

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11/20/10 1:15 P

Wow!! I was out at 18 because I was pregnant. I got a job and learned what life is all about. Fast forward...I am 31 now. Have 3 children (oldest is 12) and would not make them leave when they are 18 for anything. In fact, the longer they want to stay the better chances I feel they have to succeed with college. When they are older and leave I know I will be sad.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,456
11/1/10 6:26 P

Kicked out at 18?

Mine were welcome to be at home...
and they were until they graduated college - at which point they got jobs and their own places.

They are now 26 and 23, and they are married homeowners!

11/1/10 5:52 P

Kids don't leave leave til they are more like 20. This is why its so important to prepare them to be accepted to a college that has dorms and the scholarships to pay for it; that way you only have to see them on holidays.

KBTYLER Posts: 119
10/22/10 5:04 P

My daughter is 16 1/2 and I so am not looking forward to her moving out! Her dad and I get along great with her. She has ask to stay at home while attending a local college for her basic classes then off to Texas Tech for med school.

LMATTHEWS76 Posts: 659
10/22/10 9:37 A

I'm not counting down the days for my kids to move out...I think as long as they are contributing to the household after 18, and doing something constructive with their life, they are more than welcome to stay. Although, I am counting down the days where I am needed less and can have a bit more autonomy. But it is going to be a while for youngest is only 8 and my eldest is 16.

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10/21/10 9:26 P

I moved out at 18...was back at 21 to finish school emoticon

Unfortunately, now adays, with how expensive post secondary education is, most "children" live at home well into their 20's.....

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10/21/10 5:44 A

haha! I'm 19 and live wiv my parents! I am wanting to move out but can't afford a place. I don't think my parents mind yet....

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10/21/10 5:17 A

LMAO! I just turned 18 2 weeks ago. xD
But I am not leaving any time soon, my parents and I get along insanely well and I really can't afford my own place + go to college.

10/20/10 9:21 P

Is anyone counting the days when their teen turns 18 so they can get the muck out????

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