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7/19/12 6:36 P

okay thanx. Not terribly a big fan of pb, but I still would like some kind of tea biscuits/cookies. as british as it sounds - its soooo yummy

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7/19/12 5:32 A

Oh, tea and biscuits is one of my great loves too. Especially dunking.

If you go to the recipe search there's quite a few recipes for peanut butter cookies that are incredibly easy and there's quite a lot of low-carb ones. Basically it's just peanut butter, an egg and some sugar or splenda. Obviously the fat content will be higher than some other cookies, but as long as you fit it into your daily allowances, it's a good source of healthy fat. I eat no added sugar peanut butter in some form pretty much every day.

ETA: here's one of the recipes, there's quite a few more.

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7/19/12 12:33 A

does anyone have an idea of a good low sugar/low carb cookie I could make for eating with tea or something?

I would deeply appreciate it.

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