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7/8/13 7:04 A

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That's awesome!

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7/8/13 1:04 A

Congrats on your weight loss!

At that point, it's not so much about the kgs you lose but the composition of your body. If you feel and look overall good save for that trouble spot, it's time to enter maintenance.

There are several ways to target trouble spots. Some experts recommend training with heavier weights, some dietary changes (like cutting out sugar and white bread and seeing if it makes a difference) and some balancing your hormones. At thar point it's not as straight-forward as eating less and exercising more, so you'll have to experiment and see what works for you.

7/8/13 12:38 A

Still in Maintenance mode. Entering my 8th month.

Currently at 66 KG and 19 percent body fat. My goal is to reduce body fat and in increase lean mass.

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4/24/13 10:23 A

When you feel good about your current weight, and are in healthy weight range for your height. I would say that is fine. If your abdominal area is still a little pudgy that happens to a lot of people. I would just focus on those areas more now and go into maintenance mode honestly. The more muscle you build the more fat you can burn. Just go with whatever feels comfortable for yourself.

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4/23/13 5:09 P

Not a fan of BMI as a measure of a healthy body composition. I think this might be the time to work on building muscles instead of losing weight.

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4/23/13 4:56 P

Spot training might be impossible (I do believe it is, actually), but fat sure looks nicer when it's layered over strong muscle than when it's just flopping around there attached to nothing. I have no less fat remaining on my legs than on my arms, I don't think, but my legs sure do look better than my arms do. (The vast majority of my exercise to date has been walking and running.)

This is something I've also been thinking about a lot lately. I had my body fat measured using one of those inaccurate impedance things recently, and it came out at about 30% -- which is actually just barely in the OK range for a woman my age (43). If that number can be relied on, it would mean that I'm now in the normal range in every category that people tout for good health: BMI, body fat percentage, and waist-hip ratio. But for the latter two categories, only barely. (Doesn't help that I have no waist and no butt, hah.)

I'm taking baby steps toward strength training, but it's a real challenge for me, much MUCH more so than just running or losing weight is. If I stop losing weight soon (I'm only a few pounds from goal, theoretically), I have no reason to expect my rate of body composition change after that to be other than glacial. So should I try to lose more? I dunno.

Losing weight quickly at this point tends to alarm me anyway, and I've deliberately been trying to eat more in order for that not to happen, so maybe wondering about it will be a moot point.

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4/23/13 2:25 P

Same. It was nice to see this thread as I've been wondering the same thing myself for some time now. I hit my original goal of being WITHIN the healthy BMI, which I thought for me, a woman in mid-fourties after having three kids was a good goal to set, but I re-set it and am about to re-set it again as I am still feeling no where near where I want to be. I am a lower weight than I can remember ever being since adolecence and yet, I will keep going until I am closer to the lower-mid range of my bmi. BF% measurement using the hand-held body impedence method is around 28-29 which is fine for a woman my age but could still be improved upon and hopefully I won't end up skeletal everywhere else but where the fat is currently isolated (upper and lower abs-a-plenty)!

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4/23/13 9:04 A

When I got to my goal weight, I was still "lumpy"-- just because I was in the middle of the BMI didn't mean I was suddenly going to have a perfectly proportioned body. (I found that particular reality a little hard to accept for a while!) I carry my extra weight in the "sit down" area-- butt, hips, thighs. So it was silly to think that I could just keep dieting off the fatty areas-- my face and arms would be skeletal long before my thighs were trim. I needed to try something else.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that strength training really DOES help. While you can't specifically target an area to lose fat from, toning up the muscles really will make a difference. The thing is that you won't see a big difference in just, say, a week. But if you took your measurements now, followed a strength training program for a month, and then measured again-- I'm confident you'd see a difference. Will you look like one of those ads on tv for a Bowflex? Probably not. But you'll look better. I still have heavy thighs. Probably always will.

There are a ton of videos here on Spark. And loads of information on strength training. I reckon, what have you got to lose by giving it a go? You might be surprized at the difference it can make.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/23/13 6:32 A

I agree with those who say that toning will likely aid in reducing the belly.
Based on your age and how much weight you've lost - it may take a while.

As also said, BMI is not the best method of determining how much to lose; it's a guideline, just like other measuring tools (weight, for instance).

Our bodies cannot be compartmentalized into such things. Our healthy journey is to be an overall health regimen - with weight being only one component

4/23/13 3:00 A

I have ended up going to a Body fat goal. Inaccurate scale or not. I am going to do a moving average on what the scale says, that should at least give me an idea of the direction that it is heading.

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10/19/12 3:46 P

The way I look at it is ...the doctor uses the scale to determine BMI he doesn't use skin calipers or underwater weighing...How anal you want to get is entirely up to you...but most of us use the scale, measuring tape, and how we feel as a source of measurement to mark our progress and our over all health in terms of weight. This isn't rocket science... It is progress not perfection that we should be striving for (just saying).

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10/19/12 10:51 A

The scales work with body impedance measurement, and there are some hand held devices too that work with the same principle. The margin of error is pretty large, so you can't trust these devices, including scales.

The skinfold calipers in the hands of an experienced person can be very accurate, but even this method is not the best, although it is the most accessible and affordable. The best would be underwater weighing.

10/18/12 7:56 P

Another ? with fat %

bathroom scales that measure such... how accurate are they? Range of error?


10/18/12 7:54 P

Thanks for the replies.

I still think that I will go for the center of my BMI. Body fat maybe the thing to monitor. Currently at about 26-27. There is quite a bit of difference a ranges listed for men. Some sites say average 18-24, a lot other sites say over is 22%. (for my age range = I'm 43 yo)

If I were to look at body fat alone would that be a good way to go?

Many people have mentioned targeted the area of difficulty with exercise. But I think I have read on SP that doesn't work. You can build up muscle under the fat, but that doesn't mean it will remove the fat there right? I am running about 60 miles a month and have noticed a difference in my abdominal area strength. But still most of my extra weight is there on my waist, stomach and pectoral area.


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10/18/12 6:45 P

I got my bmi down to 20.1 and still have a belly. I actually decided to put a little bit of weight on because my face looked too thin and it made me look unhealthy. I weigh 110lbs and I have weighed 95lbs and still had a belly. ST helped change my shape a bit but not as much as I wanted it to. I continue to ST and continue to work my abs hard...but the belly is where I carry fat. Others carry it in there legs or arms or some of the few carry it evenly throughout. What is your goal? Do you want to be a body builder? or would you just be happy at being at a healthy weight and BMI? For me I thought having 6 pack abs would be the goal...but not at the price of looking unhealthy. I had to look at the whole picture in the mirror and not focus on the faulty areas...we all have faulty areas and it is easy to get caught up in what is wrong rather than what is right. You could drop a few more pounds and maybe it will come off in your belly...but I can tell you from experience it is not a guarantee that is where it will come off.

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10/18/12 5:23 P

BMI is not a good measure, but body fat percentage is. Get your body fat percentage tested, as accurately as possible, and if you are in the normal range for your age group and sex, you can start maintaining. If not, you may want to change the way you work out to reduce your body fat percentage.

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10/18/12 2:41 P

My BMI was 19 at one point and I still had a belly! Sometimes we're just built that way. My BMI is 19.5ish now and I have a belly, but I learn to love it. I work out everyday, eat healthy, so if I still have a belly, oh well!

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10/18/12 2:26 P

Here's the correct link for the Maintainers team :)

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10/18/12 10:31 A

I have the same problem. I reached my goal weight but still have the belly. I'm trying not to focus on my weight or BMI anymore, but instead focusing on toning up and losing inches around my waist.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
10/18/12 8:21 A

It seems to me that building muscles would tone those areas, while maintaining your weight. You might lose a bit of fat, and gain some muscle. Overall your weight could stay the same, but you want to change the composition.

Guys tend to lose the last in our stomachs, and hate those exercises the most. I love walking, and basketball, so I have veins sticking out of my calves, and a paunch. Focus on exercise more, and maybe throw in some core exercises at the gym. Lower back, and sides of the torso affect the abdominal region. Work the whole 360 degrees of your torso.

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10/17/12 10:50 P

You might want to check out this team, for maintainers or those close to it. It's very active and a great team!

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SOLYHICO Posts: 75
10/17/12 9:27 P

struggling a bit with this same topic myself lately...

trying to switch my focus from weight loss more towards fitness, strength and toning
easing my way into maintenance!

10/17/12 8:04 P

Yes, this is the board you would post this type question.

I think you could definately start to transition to maintenance phase. You will continue to track your food intake and your weekly weight and hon in on the calorie amount for maintenance. While doing this I encourage you to check out the SP fitness video library and add a few new workouts to give some extra attention to the body areas you would like to tone more. Picking a new exercise can require different muscle usage.


SP dietitian Becky

10/17/12 7:45 P

I have been approaching my weight goal. But still sporting a bit of of a belly. My BMI currently is 22.3. I originally set my target weight by the middle of the BMI chart, 21.7. That is only 2 kg away and I don't see that doing it.

I have lost a lot of weight in the past 6 months about 18 kg. Some of my friends have said isn't enough. But I really still can pinch a few inches still.

What should my target BMI be at? and what if I still have my belly pouch at that time...

any thoughts.

PS - is this the best board to post this on?

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