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6/6/14 9:17 A

Unfortunately, I think people think that because something is on a store's shelves, or can be easily purchased (lol, not in a shadowy parking lot at night), it's automatically healthy and ok.

I do have to say , though...the HCG one is probably the most messed up thing I've ever heard of! I mean, besides the fact that it's a synthetic hormone type thingy, the "diet" is 500 cals a day, which is about what concentration camp inmates were given emoticon

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6/6/14 9:05 A

Think of all the billions of dollars wasted on such products---money that could have been spent on new walking shoes, more fruits and veggies, a gym membership, etc....Things that really do "supplement" one's journey to a healthier weight.


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6/6/14 9:01 A

I strongly believe in the placebo effect. If I ever get stalled with my diet, I just go to the magical tick tack weight loss program. I just take a tick tack one half hour before any meal with a glass of water. If I am hungry I just take a tick tack with water and wait the 30 minutes. What this does for me is make me cognizant of what I am eating and most of the time I forget about the extra snack or the ice cream and never get around to it. I always get back on track with this stupid trick. I hope the makers of tick tacks do not read this and try to make a diet plan for their product. LOL!!!

6/6/14 8:45 A

Names like "SlimEasy Herb Capsules" should be our first warning sign, LOL.....

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6/6/14 8:05 A

All the more reason to be suspicious of anything consumable that is not regulated by the FDA/USDA

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6/6/14 8:00 A

Think of all the things the FDA hasn't discovered!

6/6/14 7:40 A

Look what the FDA has discovered regarding many weight loss supplements:

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