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1/28/14 2:13 P

Can I ask your age? I am 60 and had an athlete's injury similar to a football player's - torn meniscus and Baker's cyst behind the knee and torn ACL .My otho refused knee replacement (said I was too young!) yet his assistant confided that I was the prime candidate for knee replacement. I did the knee scope and the injections. The injections only work in a small percentage of people, BUT - they worked for me. Thank goodness - I have also suffered with osteoarthritis since age 35. The pain comes and goes, and I was all but crippled until proper treatment.

Once I had the injections, which I think did more for me than the surgery, I was once again able to exercise and immediately lost 30 pounds. I refused physical therapy after a few sessions, since it is only for people who absolutely will not exercise on their own. Even the therapist said I would do fine with a program on my own, as I was very motivated and have exercised my entire life.

Running, step aerobics and any high impact exercise will not be in my future. The treadmill is an absolute NO for people with knee injuries. I had to trade mine in for a recumbent bike.

My injections were covered mostly by insurance. They are $1600 each and I have had 2 series of 4 6 months apart. They are usually the last step before a knee replacement. Again, they only work for a very small percentage of people.

Good Luck.

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1/28/14 1:59 P

My dad got similar shots for a while (as well as laproscopic surgery to clean out the buildup from the bone-on-bone grinding). Like the PP's situation, it only delayed the knee replacement. But once my dad did get his knee replaced, he was more active than I could ever remember, and that was 10+ years ago. The rehab period (~6 months) was tough but since then, his quality of life has been great and he's had zero knee pain since.

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1/28/14 1:57 P

I wonder if it can be used in Hips. I have OA of one hip and am not eligible for a replacement for 10 years at 60. Have the doc do the shot in the hospital if you can as they use ultrasound to make sure the medicine gets to the joint.

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1/28/14 1:53 P

My mom got those shots for a while for osteoarthritis. She said they helped some, but they aren't a long-term solution. She had knee replacement surgery 3 years ago and has done well. The Synvisc (not sure that's the one she took, but same concept) just helped delay the inevitable.

1/6/14 3:55 P

I'd love to try this out! Thanks for posting. Seems interesting.

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1/6/14 3:44 P

I have no personal experience with this, but I've talked with someone who has done something similar in her back. I've been considering it as a pain relief method for herniated discs and degenerative disc disease and have been asking around. I found more people with knowledge on this on There are way more people that use that board and there are lots of specific areas that are talked about. It's only people's personal opinions and experiences, but it was very helpful to me in deciding what to do about several joint issues.
Good luck! I hope something helps. I'm looking at knee replacements within 10 years probably unless something great comes along so if this really works it would be awesome.

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1/2/14 11:00 A

Has anyone had experience with getting knee injections of HLA, trademarked as Synvisc? It's a gel substance that is supposed to mimic the cushioning effect of cartilage. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and do not want knee replacement if I can avoid it. So far I cope by not doing anything high impact but I'm wondering if this is worth trying.I have stopped playing tennis and skiing because of knee pain. I can still walk distances, but take NSAIDs for the pain that causes.I also do spinning classes, but am getting bored with them and would like to try other things but I'm worried about making my knees worse. The literature on Synvisc is not conclusive and even my doc isn't sure if it works.

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