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1/3/12 1:46 A

If you are looking for an indicator of rate of calories burned, it is your heart rate. Get a heart rate monitor with a strap and you can see it in real time while working out. It is also great way to steer clear of exaggerating calories burned without even knowing it.

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1/2/12 6:17 P

Sweating is a way for your body to keep cool, whether by extraneous circumstances, such as a warm environment or exercise. When begin to workout aerobically (in the presence of oxygen) our bodies muscles demand a greater amount of oxygen, in the process of taking in more oxygen our bodies produce heat which subsequently causes one to sweat. The more you workout, the quicker your body begins the process, so for many well-trained individuals you will see them sweating at a faster rate than those less fit.

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1/2/12 6:09 P

Sweat is your body's way of getting rid of excess heat. This is partly a function of how hard you are working out, but environmental factors play a much larger role. Temperature, humidity, airflow and the amount of clothing can dramatically affect sweat rates for resons that have nothing to do with how hard you are working out.


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1/2/12 5:58 P

Interesting...then I must be in much better shape than I thought because I sweat like a hog while working out!

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1/2/12 5:04 P


While sweating is not an indication as to the number of calories you are expending, the fitter you become the quicker your body will begin to sweat in response to any activity.

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1/2/12 4:56 P

Agree with BREWMASTER... how much you sweat is related to your personal genetics as well as the temperature of the environment where you are working out. It's no reflection of the number of calories burned.

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1/2/12 4:18 P

How much you sweat has nothing to do with how many calories you burn. What matters is how long and how intensely you're working out.

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1/2/12 4:12 P

Does it mean you r burning more calories when u sweat more?

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