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MRSDUBB Posts: 160
1/24/11 3:23 P

I used to work at a place where a couple people got together an did a sandwich bar every week. Each week, people were assigned lunch meat, a veggie (lettuce, tomato, avacado etc.), and bread. So they had sandwiches every day from the stuff they brought in.

Another thought, if you can keep milk in your fridge: do a slim fast protein shake (I prefer the chocolate). Don't do it for the "diet," do it for the nutrients, protein, etc. I often pair it with fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.

WRIGGSY SparkPoints: (2,214)
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1/24/11 2:47 P

I have a suggestion, but it's a bit "out there". Soup and sandwich. Using MurphyBlue's idea of a lunch bag with a freezer pack, pack up everything you need for whatever sandwich you desire. Here's where it gets a little out there. Can you bring a toaster? Plug it in and toast your bread AND microwave the sandwich contents to warm them up, too--if need be. A warm sandwich paired with some soup that you can carry in a thermos to keep that warm. I completely understand getting sick of rice and pasta. I thought I was gonna be a good girl last week and bought a HUGE bag of fresh baby spinach with the thought of having a big helping with every lunch. On day two, I couldn't handle it and ended up picking out almost half of what I had put in my tuna salad!!!

Good luck and stay warm!!

MURPHYBLUE SparkPoints: (6,704)
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1/6/11 4:13 P

Oop, sorry, didn't see the part where you're sick of pasta. My husband and I LOVE to do kebabs--steak, chicken, onions, peppers, etc.--and you don't really need a starch with that. I know it can be a little tough to grill in the winter but I think the flavor is totally worth it!

MURPHYBLUE SparkPoints: (6,704)
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1/6/11 4:11 P

I have two things to recommend:

One, which others have mentioned, is cook a big batch ahead of time (on a non-work day), package that up in Tupperwares, and grab and go on your work days. This week I got a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, rubbed them with olive oil, lemon pepper and italian herbs, grilled them up, and made a big batch of brown rice. Split them up into your portions, then grab and go. I pair mine with unsweetened applesauce from Whole Foods and they take about a minute and a half in the micro.

My second suggestion is to get a lunch bag and a freezer pack. We have a full size fridge, but I just keep my lunch bag at my desk and it stays plenty cool in there throughout the day. I recommend the BUILT brand--they're roomy and well-insulated but be prepared to spend $20-$30--I think you can get them at Target? And then a freezer pack is, like, $1. I have 3 or 4 so in case I forget to refreeze I always have one ready to go.

Hope this helps!

DISPATCHERGURL SparkPoints: (111)
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1/6/11 4:01 P

Make a crockpot meal when you get ready for bed, it will be done when you get up for work. You can put it in containers and reheat it for lunch. Soups, lasagna, and full meals can be made in the crockpot

GOFORIT73 Posts: 13
1/5/11 5:08 P

Maybe on your day off you could make a couple batches of food that are easy to bring to work (and you can easily heat up for dinner when you aren't able to eat what the rest of the household eats). Some quick and easy suggestions are chicken breast and steamed veggies, healthy soups, a lean pork tenderloin and side. All of these can be cooked ahead, put into containers and heated up. Good luck!

BMHILL71 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/11 2:46 P

Leftovers aren't really an option for me because we don't tend to have leftovers (the males in this house are big eaters) and since I'm not the cook in the household I don't feel I have any right to ask the cook to make even more than she is already making. And I can't take over the cooking because of my job schedule which puts me home right about the time supper is getting put on the table. Plus I often don't even eat the same dinner as the rest of the family as what they eat is often not compatible with my diet. Many nights I just end up throwing together a chicken salad or a smoothie for supper. I don't mind eating salads at home b/c home is WARM - but I need hot lunches at work b/c the building where I work is poorly heated.

MYTMIDGET8 Posts: 41
1/5/11 2:21 P

I agree, left overs are the best way. Just make your self a little something extra or save some of your dinner. I have been eating slower and realize I put too much on my plate at dinner anyway and have it for lunch the next day.

SRSAMSON Posts: 823
1/5/11 1:48 P

The best "hot lunch" I have is the previous night's leftovers. If you usually don't have leftovers, make an extra portion or two for lunches. That way you have control over whatever is in it because you did it the night before. I store mine in the disposable containers, then take the containers home and wash them there.

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1/5/11 12:12 P

I have a job where we only have a mini fridge and a microwave for cooking. No sink, no stove, no water supply. All meals pretty much have to be something that can be heated up in 5 minutes or we don't have time to eat them on our 20 minute lunch breaks. Mostly I have been eating Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine frozen meals, but they are for the most part too high carb and too low in protein and also often high sodium. Not to mention they are usually around $3 each.

I am looking for suggestions for easy, make-ahead hot meals that I can take to work that will heat quickly and can be stored in our VERY small freezer space or even just in the fridge section. Come summer I will start doing sandwiches and salads but it is very cold here right now and I really need those hot lunches in the afternoon! I want meals that have a proper mix of fat/carbs/protein rather than tending to be high in one and low in the other. I will also mention that I am getting VERY sick of pasta and rice! I would also prefer recipes that don't require a lot of cleanup after making them as our dishwasher broke and we can't afford to replace it right now.

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