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FADNAK Posts: 22
2/15/14 4:13 P

I love Crystal Light's strawberry lemonade water enhancer

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
2/15/14 2:23 P

Water with fresh mint.

LEKESHIA35 SparkPoints: (4,957)
Fitness Minutes: (1,049)
Posts: 219
2/15/14 11:28 A

i love flavored water that is a good one

SWEETCALA1962 Posts: 433
2/15/14 10:40 A

crystal lite

BETRHO48 Posts: 13,396
2/14/14 9:51 P

I actually like water the best. Occasionally I drink sugar-free tonic water.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (189,797)
Fitness Minutes: (281,548)
Posts: 26,467
2/14/14 11:56 A

Have you tried Sparkling water ? Poland Springs, Perrier, Adirondak and Polar are all brands of sparkling flavored waters. If you need a fizzy fix and don't want to drink soda, try sparkling water. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods also have house brand sparkling waters that are tasty too. Flavored mineral water is a good option too.

You will have to read the label. Some bottled flavored waters do have articifial sweeteners. Buy the ones that don't. I love Polar's grapefruit flavored water. Polar has a really good selection of flavors. the cherry pomegranete is tasty.

GONNALOSE5 Posts: 975
2/14/14 9:57 A

Plain selzer or selzer with lemon or lime slices is delicious and refreshing, no sugar needed. Or add any real juice for something sweeter. Just start with selzer it may be enough for you.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,753
2/14/14 9:01 A

I like diet, no calorie, citrus flavored green tea by Lipton.

JOY73YL Posts: 1,405
2/14/14 8:59 A

many flavored Tea, hot, iced or room temp.

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,269)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
2/14/14 8:47 A

I also disagree that there is any good evidence that the artificial sweetners are bad for you. I am almost 55 and have been drinking one to three cans of diet cola most days, probably ever since aspartame came out, in the early '80s I think. I rarely get headaches or have the other ailments people seem to attribute to this. However for those who stopped using it and say you feel better, I'm not going to argue with that. Other than many people claiming they feel better without it, there seems to be few reputable clinical studies that show this is "dangerous" especially in moderation. I am maintaining a healthy weight, don't have high blood pressure, diabetes or other issues that seem to be extremely common in my age group whether we use artificial sweetners or not. So I drink Crystal Light or Great Value brand sugar free mixes (like Crystal light) quite often as well. I know we should all just drink water and be happy with it but I admit I'm spoiled and find water a little boring sometimes.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,137
2/14/14 8:09 A

when I in the mood for something refreshing and bubbly, I prefer selzer with an ounce of juice (like orange, or a lime, or cranberry). Even the diet sodas are too sweet for me at this point. It's a matter of training your taste buds

GOWITHTHEFLO50 SparkPoints: (40,458)
Fitness Minutes: (10,923)
Posts: 1,168
2/13/14 9:48 P

My husband who is diabetic and I drink a lot of Crystal light. I like the flavored water from Walmart. I tend to get a lot of leg cramps if I drink too much of it, I think its from the aspertaine in it. We have a soda stream and make a lot of the diet drinks. We love it.

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LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
2/13/14 9:34 P

I disagree with the people who swear that artificial sweeteners are going to kill us. I have never read a study that shows that they are harmful to people in moderation.

Having said that, I like Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate flavor, lemonade flavor and cherry limeade. I also like black tea with Sweet N Low.

Lots of good stuff out there. I'm sure you will get lot's of great ideas from others.

GODLOVESKATH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 7
2/13/14 9:14 P

Hi! I try not to drink any kind of low calorie soda drinks because I know how dangerous aspartame is, but it is hard.
I love water and drink it all the time. I have found a really delicious hot cinnamon tea, but am looking for some sort lemonade, flavored drinks that are yummy, but do not contain harmful chemicals.
I was even thinking about buying that Soda Stream machine. I have read about how you can make healthy drinks with that machine.
I don't know. Just looking for variety. Thanks so much!!

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