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3/22/13 5:32 P

Thank you, I like the idea of being an investigator. (smiling--thanks)

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3/22/13 5:29 P

Thank you for your help.

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3/22/13 10:40 A

Congratulations, you are on the right track!
Now take it a step further and be an investigator...determine WHERE you are when you actually consume your sugar and keep in mind that YOU make the decision on how much sugar you bring to your lips. Continue your process of dividing down the sugar. Choose wisely by using less, consuming a half or quarter portion or substituting with your fresh fruit and water.
Next, determine WHEN you consume your sugar and then determine WHO.
Do you see negative patterns with your "WHERE, WHEN and WHO". If so, change your behavioral pattern so you are not so comfortable indulging your sweet tooth. For example: If you are in the drive-thru and you absolutely have to have it...walk-in and order face to face. Make a decision to never eat or drink in your car. If you eat in your car, at your desk or in your living room or office...change to eating at a table such as in the employee break room, your kitchen or the restaurant. If you sit down choose to stand get the idea.
Now, this next part can be tricky when determining WHO you are with when your sweet tooth announces it's presence. If you are alone, wait until you can be with someone. (The wait or just the realization that you are choosing to have someone watch you consume your sugar, may by itself, be enough to make the urge subside) If you find you are with a specific person or group, you have options!! Communicate your concerns or make obvious healthy choices when with them and I'm sure it will be noticed. Usually with a discussion to follow allowing you to introduce "" into the conversation. Have fun being Sherlock!
Remember, a train may make many stops, but as long as it stays on track (pun intended) it will reach it's destination! It sounds like you are on the right track! ;)

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3/22/13 10:02 A

I would recommend joining the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge to help you with that:

Coach Denise

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3/22/13 12:32 A

I have a sweet tooth and I know that I have to control it before I get health problems. I used drink espresso coffee every morning with lots of sugar, then I cut the sugar in half, and now I am actually drinking it without sugar.

When I get cravings for sweets I eat fresh seasonal fruits. I also drink lots of water and unsweetened herbal tea.

Hope this tips help you.

Best wishes,

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3/21/13 10:43 P

How do I break my sugar problem and eat healthier?

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