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CANMERA Posts: 892
10/24/13 12:53 P

Ah, I use my meter as it is the only way to tell what med's I need to take.
When you mentioned your dog I was shocked that you were not told to check the sugars. You can easily overdose an animal with Insulin if you do not check them regularly. So my Vet trained me on how to do this for the sake and safety of my cat. I am glad I followed her advise.

Am glad to know you have had a reversal in your Diabetes. Way to go. Congrats.


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10/24/13 12:37 P

Not correcting you Canmera, just throwing something out there. Interesting that you had to test your cat--when I had a diabetic dog, we did not test her--just insulin twice a day after meals.

I am no longer diabetic, so I do not test/use meters...but I follow the diabetic eating program and can see what numbers are supposed to go into the space for tracking glucose, and it is mg/dL.

Here is a converter:

CANMERA Posts: 892
10/24/13 12:12 P

They are not A1C numbers at all. I live in Canada and our meters do it by mml. Hence the metric and then the numbers are different entirely to the US which is on the US system alone.

The world honestly uses the metric system and that is why I gave her the numbers I did. Being that I am diabetic and check my sugars usually 2 to 3 times per day and see a Registered Nurse who is a specialist in diabetes I know my numbers well.

I also had a diabetic Cat who I had to learn from the Vet as to what was good and bad. With my meter I would be dead at the numbers you have indicated. If she is using a British meter then her numbers are in Metric and she is running a bit high. She needs to work on her sugars for sure.

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10/24/13 11:48 A

Those look like A1C numbers...the space for tracking on the nutrition screen is for blood the number should be something like 60-150.

I've never had to use a meter so I am very little help, but I hope that you get it figured out soon!

CANMERA Posts: 892
10/24/13 10:43 A

If you are using a Metric meter I am a Diabetic using one as I live in Canada. I can tell you that your sugar is high. It should be no more than 5.0.
I was a 6.6 this morning pre breakfast. So that is a bit elevated but not bad. If you have any questions about your sugars, come and we will chat. I have been a diabetic for a few years now but had a Diabetic Cat and had to take his sugar each morning. That was real fun.

Stay good on your carbs and watch what you drink. You will be just fine.


Barrie, On Canada
Eastern Time Zone

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10/24/13 5:41 A

I don't think you can but you can make a note of it in your own file.

13.7 seem high to me but as I thought it should be around the 7 mark

Not sure if this will help you.

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10/24/13 1:38 A

how do you pass on your sugar levels for tracking every day cos today mine 13-7 but it seems this british measurement dosnt!

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