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7/23/14 9:00 P

I agree just do the best you can

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7/23/14 11:58 A

It can't for the same reason it can't track sugar-- labeling conventions are inconsistent and don't allow for an accurate count. Some products that have sugar alcohols list the amount on the label, but most don't; some take them out of the total carb count and list something like "effective carbs," but others don't.

In the list of additional nutrients to track, there is a listing for maltose. You could use that to record all sugar alcohols, and then mentally subtract that from your total carbs. If you're doing low carb because of a doctor's orders, discuss it with the doctor first to make sure they don't want you to count those carbs. (And that's another reason the tracker doesn't count sugar alcohols-- some diabetes specialists want patients to count the carbs/calories in sugar alcohol just like other carbs, some subtract them, and some subtract a certain percentage.)

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7/23/14 11:15 A

why doesn't the place where we list our foods have a place for sugar alcohols? russell stovers for example have sugar al. I do low carb and cannot get correct count on my graph this way.


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