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sucess - for the first time in a long time!

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Posts: 1,139
2/19/09 7:07 A

Wow, that is great! I haven't made that milestone yet, but almost...great site to keep on track & stay motivated!

Eve emoticon

Posts: 23,975
2/19/09 6:56 A

way to go doesn't it feel great and it is so easy with the tracking system that spark uses

Posts: 18
2/19/09 6:52 A

Feeling like you are making lifestyle changes is the key! You are on your way to not only weight loss, but a healthier LONGER life. Way to go.

Posts: 7
2/19/09 6:47 A

Great Job! Just remember success is measured ONE DAY AT A TIME. Stay on track and you can accomplish anything.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (580)
Posts: 71
2/19/09 6:45 A

How exciting! Posts like this are confiming my choice to begin my journey here. emoticon

Posts: 1
2/19/09 6:41 A

well done you must be feeling fantastic !! keep the momentum going and you'll achieve your goal !!! emoticon

Posts: 1
2/19/09 6:40 A

Hi i am so glade to here how much you lost so fare.I hope to lose as fast as you are , I have lost two pounds so fair . Cant what to lose a lot more . I am glade that i can get the suport from others how are trying to get healthy to .

SparkPoints: (58,768)
Fitness Minutes: (26,216)
Posts: 271
2/19/09 6:39 A

That's awesome, Chris -- congrats!!!!!

Posts: 2,219
2/19/09 6:36 A

emoticon emoticon

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!

Posts: 634
2/19/09 6:27 A

emoticon emoticon

keep it up!!! rooting for you.

Posts: 222
2/19/09 6:23 A

That's wonderful news...keep moving forward...and note what determination and focus helped you to arrive at this point. When temptations come up -- and they will -- remember those steps. Great work!

Posts: 456
2/19/09 6:21 A

How wonderful for you! Keep up the good work!

SparkPoints: (2,963)
Fitness Minutes: (2,618)
Posts: 32
2/19/09 6:19 A

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 122
2/19/09 6:15 A

Here, here!

I've lost 5 lbs so far...I'm really pleased that this place is here myself!

Have a great day and congratulations!

SparkPoints: (51,322)
Fitness Minutes: (51,224)
Posts: 869
2/19/09 6:11 A

This is why SP emoticon

Posts: 59
2/19/09 6:05 A

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to go! Life style changes are what it is all about! What an accomplishment! Gives me added encouragement!

Posts: 8
2/19/09 5:59 A

That's awesome. Any progress you make in making the total you more healthy while losing weight is great. The better you do now in that department the more likely you are to keep the weight off.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,374)
Posts: 810
2/19/09 5:58 A

I'm pleased as punch for you. Keep on losing weight and gaining health along the way. You will inspire the rest of us to do the same thing.

Posts: 41
2/19/09 5:57 A

I could have written your post. I have lost almost the same amount and am finally feeling like a success after countless failed attempts. I really attribute it to this site. Everyday getting a new e-mail (like the one I got that lead me to your post) is great motivation. I too am finally making a lifestyle change and I feel great.
Congrats to you and thank you for the post - what a great way to start the day!

Posts: 4
2/19/09 5:56 A

congratulations heads up! your an inspiration :)

Posts: 1,721
2/19/09 5:52 A

Nothing is as sweet as success, way to go!

SparkPoints: (21,823)
Fitness Minutes: (4,722)
Posts: 404
2/19/09 5:52 A

10 Lbs is great, keep it up we are all rooting for you

Posts: 832
2/19/09 5:43 A

emoticon Congratulations on you weight loss that is awesome.

Doesn't it feel good when you finally feel like you have the grove and you are feeling better and getting stronger !!!!

Posts: 42
2/19/09 5:42 A

Congratulations! I joined Sparkspeople 6 months ago and have achieved my desired weight. Like you said it has helped me to create a new life style for not only taking the weight off but also for keeping it off..

Posts: 638
2/19/09 5:40 A

Congratulations!! Keep up the good work. We are all here for one another. emoticon

Posts: 82
2/19/09 5:39 A

I'm so happy for your success. keep on keeping on! emoticon

SparkPoints: (10,167)
Fitness Minutes: (5,331)
Posts: 184
2/19/09 5:37 A

good on ya!


SparkPoints: (11,776)
Fitness Minutes: (15,280)
Posts: 320
2/19/09 5:33 A

10 pounds way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posts: 44
2/19/09 5:32 A

Awesome!! You did great and it is the only way to do it to keep in off forever... slow and easy

Posts: 2
2/19/09 5:27 A

Great work! Keep it up!

Posts: 4
2/19/09 5:07 A

That is wonderful . Keep up the good work . I hope I can do as well in 6 weeks. My goal is 10 lbs. emoticon

Posts: 9
2/19/09 4:56 A

Congratulations. Sounds like you are doing so well

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Posts: 12
2/19/09 4:29 A

10 lbs. lost = Success! Good for you!

Posts: 2
2/19/09 4:23 A

Well done!!! Congrats!!!! emoticon

Posts: 3
2/19/09 4:17 A

well done for losing 10lbs, thats fantastic. I know what you mean about losing and gaining! I at the moment am not doing very well i just cant seem to get my head round losing the weight. Aaaargh i feel so frustrated with myself!!!!

Posts: 20
2/19/09 4:13 A

YEY! 10 pounds! Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work! Just think, if it were 10.000 lbs. you wouldn't be here! So be HAPPY!!!! :)

SparkPoints: (22,814)
Fitness Minutes: (24,299)
Posts: 2,073
2/19/09 4:10 A

congratulations! its a great feeling when you lose weight isn't it?

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10)
Posts: 117
2/19/09 4:08 A

Well done on your weight loss. I am also trying to lose weight but its a long hard has taken a year to get down from 16st 8lb and am now 14st 6lb. but every time I see the scale going down I get more motivation to carry on. so you just keep going and no matter what your age is it is never too late. I am 64 and losing weight so that I can have my op.good luck.

Posts: 3
2/19/09 4:04 A

Congratulations, 10 lbs that is great, and you are right about the support and lifestyle change.

Posts: 2
2/19/09 3:57 A

I so agree about the need for support. I recommended one of my colleagues join SparkPeople, telling her that I have lost weigh with several diets over the years (sadly always put it back on), but have never been successful without a support mechanism. I know what I should do (could probably write my own diet book), but without support you get nowhere.
Well done on your weight loss!

Posts: 2
2/19/09 3:46 A

10 pounds is awesome!! emoticon

Posts: 26
2/19/09 3:19 A

Ten pounds is totally awesome! Especially because you are doing it the smart way. Those folks who lose 10 pounds a week generally don't keep it on, but I've found if you change your habits first, then lose the weight, it usually lasts longer!

We are very proud of you and I personally thank you for posting cause it inspires me to keep trying! emoticon

Posts: 168
2/19/09 2:23 A

are u new to this site, path?

Posts: 168
2/19/09 2:13 A

emoticon ty ty

Posts: 3
2/19/09 2:12 A

Well done
You should be very proud of yourself
Keep it up you seem like a winner

Posts: 168
2/19/09 2:11 A

emoticon i feel great just walked for 30 minutes but today i had wonderful started out when i checked my diabetes(which i was dreading i had only taken 1 tablet yesterday) to my BIG surprise i checked in at exactly 100 that made my day. than i ran errands and i was asked by several people that if i was on diet. i said yes "I AM EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISING EVERYDAY" that made my day joined SPARK PEOPLE about 3 weeks ago(everyone was curious this is a third world country down here) i told them to check it is wonderful!!!

i plan to continue w/this program until i reach my goal and than probably more just for maintance...but i suffer from hashimoto's disease emoticon and i have learned so much about the illness since i joined.



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Posts: 7
2/19/09 1:28 A

Congradulations! Keep on Keeping on! I am a
fellow struggler and have been doing better myself.


SparkPoints: (54,679)
Fitness Minutes: (43,353)
Posts: 11,691
2/8/09 12:48 P

Woohoo - these early "sparks" show you are doing it the right way. Keep this up and there's no telling how many goals in life you'll reach on this adventure.


Posts: 569
2/8/09 11:23 A

10 lbs is something to be proud of! Good job and I wish you continued success.
emoticon emoticon

Posts: 180
2/8/09 11:20 A

I weighed myself at mom in law's yesterday - I've lost 10 lbs!

That's not an amazing amount in and of itself, as I joined SparkPeople and began this quest 6 weeks ago. But....I feel that I am making more changes than just taking the pounds off; the sensible eating and getting healthier is becoming a little more natural.

Like most of us here, I've lost weight before, here and there - and it comes back because I feel so deprived and unable to change habits.

Right now I feel as tho I am doing really well at making lifestyle changes and I think that's a huge part of the battle.

SparkPeople isn't just about "me me me"'s about supporting one another. I want to thank everyone who takes a moment to lend support to each other, whether it's by responding with a comment or just reading and thinking about the health of others, as well as their own.

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