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KIMMYGEE83 SparkPoints: (12,503)
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9/18/13 2:19 P

I have recently started a C25K training app on my phone as well. I know that it is supposed to get you running a 5k in 8 weeks. I, too am not that great of a runner. So instead of following the app as it tells me to. I progress myself. Before I even started it, I was walking 4 to 5x/wk. When I started the C25K I learned that it was hard for me to run for 1 min straight! lol My legs get really sore from I do take breaks in between. My knee was hurting as well so I definitely try to listen to my body and let that determine my workouts as well.
Anywho, I repeated week 1 and by the end of it, I hardly even broke a sweat. I just finished up week 2 and I will repeat it again before progressing myself to week 3. The way I see it, if I'm struggling to make it through the current week, it wont get easier the next. Just an idea/suggestion. Hope this helps!

RAINBOWS247 Posts: 7
9/17/13 12:36 P

I've found as others have pointed out that just slowing down to concentrate on my breathing helps a lot. I like running to pumping music and sometimes I get so into the music that I don't realize I'm not breathing properly and have to reset myself.

GIOVANNA65 Posts: 8
9/17/13 12:21 P

I want to thank you all for your advice. Slowing down my pace really worked, I can run (slowly) but I can finish my thirty minutes workout on C25K without running out of breath.
It is a big accomplishment for me.
Thank you again.

WILLBESLIM74 Posts: 23
9/5/13 8:34 P

I have an inhaler but haven't used it. It is always near by. However I found it to be easier if you control your breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. When I breath like this it prevents my lungs from hurting and my throat drying out. You will also notice your workout becomes easier.

Remember when your working out your body becomes stress especially when you look at the time and tell yourself OMG I have another 5 minutes to go. your body panics.. control breathing will help BIG TIME

GIOVANNA65 Posts: 8
9/5/13 6:50 P

It is an app I downloaded on my phone and it is called C25kFree. I like it because I do not have to keep track of the time if does it for me.

FANTASM01 Posts: 720
9/5/13 4:38 P

I'm not a runner (yet) but the advice from those who are seems sound. One thing I would also agree with is to check with your dr. regarding this shortness of breath. I know I've never had to routinely use an inhaler until this summer and now must use one before I exercise. It seems this summer's pollen counts have been off the charts causing problems even for those who've never had breathing problems.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,157)
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9/5/13 2:21 P

Veggierun, there are several C25K programs out there, but the one I used (which I loved) was this one:

9/5/13 2:12 P

I did Couch to 5K and it was amazing. But the thing I found (and that I still find if I take time off from running and go back to it) is that your MUSCLES will get accustomed to the activity faster than your LUNGS. Your lungs need time to build up endurance to your new activity just like a muscle. Just try to remember that. Slowing down might help, but overall your breathing will just improve in time; you'll get fewer of those painful side-stiches, etc. On the positive side, I used to motivate myself when my legs were getting tired by telling myself, "If I can still breathe, I can keep going!"

9/5/13 9:45 A

Hello. I am not in a position to give any advice for your problem (sorry) but I am interested in this program. Do you have a link for it?

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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9/5/13 9:35 A

Yeah, just slow down and see how that goes. Don't be afraid to repeat weeks, either -- your legs will probably thank you for it, anyway. Running is so incredibly much more strenuous than walking, it's easy to be shocked by the difference.

If you continue to struggle with adjusting after several more weeks of it, check with a doctor, though, make sure you don't have exercise induced asthma or anything.

DASHKATH Posts: 861
9/5/13 5:13 A

I agree with the advice to slow down. You can also work on your breathing till you find a cadence that works for you. You can try inhaling on a 2 count then exhaling on a 4 count. You exhale should be longer than your inhale.

Good luck! You'll find you groove if you keep at it.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,157)
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9/4/13 10:15 P

Yep, I agree with the suggestion to slow down. When I started C25K, I was running at a pace that SP considers walking, but it was running to me! It doesn't matter how fast you go, just that you can go the distance. Your lung capacity will improve as you progress through the program, don't worry!

GIOVANNA65 Posts: 8
9/4/13 5:44 P

I walk a lot along with riding a bike everyday. Running seems a lot harder for me.

GIOVANNA65 Posts: 8
9/4/13 5:43 P

I am on week 3 and I will take your suggestion to slow down

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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9/4/13 3:23 P

I second the idea that you might be going too fast. Also, did you start immediately with C25K or did you walk a lot before then? C25K is meant for people who have a solid base of walking who want to start running.

KATIENIU SparkPoints: (5,014)
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9/4/13 3:18 P

What week are you on with the C25K program?

If you are just starting out (like week 1) then I believe you should not be running more than 2 minutes. I coach a beginner running program that is similiar to C25K and I have my runners start out with 5 minutes of walking and 2 minutes of running. At the end of 8 weeks they build up to 30 minutes of running.

Another problem could be that you are running to fast. You should be running at a conversational pace. In other words, you should be able to hold a conversation. However, you want to be a little out of breath but not so out of breath that you can't hold a conversation.

GIOVANNA65 Posts: 8
9/4/13 2:31 P

I am not a good runner ( I can walk for miles), so I decided to start the couch to 5k program to get myself into running.
I am really struggling with my breathing when I run longer than three minutes. Does anyone have any advise on how I can control my breathing?

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