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9/9/14 4:13 P

Running shoes should not be tight, if anything they should be a little loose as your feet may swell a little during running. Take the shoes back, if the store is reputable they will refund or exchange them for a correct size. I wear a half size larger running shoes than regular shoes.

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9/9/14 12:38 P

Giving you shoes that were too small doesn't make any sense. TBH, you may have to go through a few pairs of running shoes and different brands before you find some that work well for you. You need to build yourself up to running. I would suggest starting with walking, work up to a fast walk, then do a walk/jog combo, then go on to full on jogging.

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9/9/14 10:00 A

I have NEVER been steered to a pair of running shoes that were smaller... if anything a half size up .... I would address that with the mfg or the store. To expensive to be wrong!

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4/29/14 2:55 P

H, Sarah !

I agree with others about the shoes. When fitted for running shoes, the general rule of thumb is that you go up a half a size to allow for space for your foot to expand. they shouldn't be tight when you put them on. They should feel very comfortable. Which makes me wonder how that store decided you needed a size smaller UNLESS they may have given you a men's size.

In men's shoes, I typical wear a size smaller than what I wear in women's. When I am fitted at my local running store, they fit me with a 9.5. I usually wear a woman's 9.

If you have wide feet, you might consider asking to be fitted with a men's size or ask for running shoes that are wide width. Asics tend to be good for people with wide feet. Saucony might be a good option too.

4/28/14 2:48 P

The shoes are just wrong period but I can only make a generic comment about your stride which you mentioned. A proper running stride will have you landing on your fore to mid foot under your centre of mass with the knee slightly bent. If your foot strike is on your heel you are over striding and sending a shock all the way up your leg to your hip.

Proper shoes and a proper running mechanic will correct your problems.

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4/27/14 11:45 P

I have running shoes that are size 6 and a half, when my normal shoe size is 6 (UK sizes).

I am quite surprised that you have been advised to have shoes smaller than your normal size.

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4/27/14 10:25 P

I agree that it's very odd that the store would have given you a pair of shoes smaller than your usual size. Was it a running store? I wear about a half-size larger in running shoes than in regular shoes because, as stated before, your feet tend to swell when you run.

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4/27/14 6:55 A

The previous poster has given you some good advice. I'm not sure why the store would have given you a smaller size than you normally wear. Most people's feet swell a little when they exercise, so it's usually recommended to get a running/walking shoe that's 1/2-1 size bigger than your normal shoe. If you haven't had them long, I'd take them back and get a pair that fit better.

Coach Jen

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4/27/14 6:37 A

I would start with shoes the proper size. Does the store have a group learn to run program? all the running stores around here have this, you might get someone who can watch you run.

Also, have you built up a base of walking and strength training? You have posted many times over the past year about starting to run and exercise in general (and I assume you haven't until now). If you haven't built up a base of walking, you are not strong enough to start running.

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4/27/14 6:29 A

I will assume that pain when running might not be good for starters. Here's my thing, I have been trying to begin running and do great until one foot starts to hurt in the same place every time. If I ignore it then it spreads to other areas like my hip in that same side. I am guessing its the wrong shoes but I don't know.

The store I got my shoes at watched me walk, and measured my feet then advised me on the best shoes. Its either my stride or the wrong size. The smallest size in shoes I normally wear is a 8.5 wide. The people were nice but pushy and I ended up with a size 7 or half size bigger I think. They are tight too me but that's my experience and have no idea how running shoes should fit. I tend to wear wide widths in almost any shoe if anyone's curious. Dress, casual, doesn't matter.

I'm not sure whether to go to a different store or to just figure something else out so my foot isn't killing me for the rest of the day after running. Any advice would be appreciated.

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