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3/23/13 3:06 P

plus youre eventually going to want to switch to split routines anyway. the important thing is to get your ass in the gym and do lifts for all the major muscle groups every week

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3/23/13 3:01 P

That also kind of depends on your patience and the time you have available for ST. If you like gyms, you will tend to stick around longer if you have time, and so you can rest sufficiently between the lifts and thus end up doing a full body workout. I don't like gyms, so I must go in, work out, and leave. Often I am short of time to properly complete the full body workout. To solve this problem, I have reduced the weight I have been lifting slightly to be able to recover faster between sets. As a result, I can walk out in 45 mins as opposed to 1h15mins, still doing a full body workout.

However, if you don't have enough time, you might find split routines more viable than full body workouts.

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3/23/13 2:56 P

dmjakes has good general advice.

fyi, there's no such thing as a seated military press; the military press is a standing overhead press with the feet firmly together. youre referring to a seated overhead press.

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3/23/13 2:03 A

Good question and good answers too.

my .02:
I want to do heavy lifts, full body 3 days, compound moves.
But I have a shoulder thing developing so gotta limit it. Romanian Dead Lifts, squats, & seated military press (bad form) hurt my back for weeks. Good form is key or it's a time out.

I STUDIED proper form on YouTube and still hurt my back doing heavy compound moves. But it went away at least. ymmv

Now I do higher reps, lower weight, target areas, 6 or 7 days in the gym w/ intermittent high intensity style cardio each day.

Almost 1 hr in the gym. Reduced mass gains but feel good and dropping fat.

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3/22/13 3:43 P

10-15 min / day

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3/22/13 3:23 P

3 days a week of full body is more effective and efficient (timewise)

3/22/13 1:02 P

While many advocate split workouts the reality is that you can not totally isolate a muscle group or body section, the body is engineered to have muscles assist one another. The more muscles activated per movement the more effective and beneficial the exercise is. Certain full body exercises are classified as power moves, The power moves are squats, lunges, dead lifts and standing presses. The bench press has fallen into some disrepute recently due to supposed unnatural stresses on the should joint but this applies only to doing them with a barbell or machine, Using dumbbells is the recommended alternative but I prefer to substitute standing presses since it is a full body exercise. For bodyweight exercises while squats and lunges are still in the mix the addition of pushups and pullups, even the modified versions,are very productive additions.

A productive workout sequence to adopt is three days of strength training on alternate days and at least two days of interval based cardio on non strength training days.

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3/22/13 10:59 A

I see your goals are to strength train 3x a week and cardio 6x a week for 30 minutes. I would suggest you either 1) Work your full body 3x a week or 2) Break your workouts into lower body, upper body and core and work each group 1x a week for a total of 3 workouts.

I like to switch it up between the two, exercising my full body at a moderate intensity (with little to no DOMS the next day) for a week or two, then I switch it up and work out my muscle groups at a very high intensity (with jelly legs right after the workout and lots of DOMS the next day or two) I give my groups a full week to recover after the workout.

Walking every day for 30 is great exercise on both exercise and active rest days. I also like to practice yoga/stretching immediately after working out and on rest days.

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3/22/13 10:13 A

This is the format that I use for my full body workouts (or split them depending on time constraints):

A vertical push (dips, overhead presses, etc)
A horizontal push (ex. pushups, bench press)
A vertical pull (ex: pullups (assisted for me!), upright rows)
A horizontal pull (ex: bent over rows)

If you use free weights rather than machines, you'll be working your core at the same time. Takes about 40 mins from start to finish

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3/22/13 8:38 A

You're going to get a LOT of different answers on this. As the previous poster mentioned, the majority of folks (but especially those starting out) are best off with a full body workout 2-3 times a week. If you give it your all, do a good mix of compound moves that hit all the major muscle groups, and work to fatigue, then you will see results. Throw some cardio in there a couple of days a week plus at least one rest day, and you should be good to go.

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3/22/13 7:43 A

You have to work each muscle group at least twice per week.

If you're a beginner, then full body 3x times a week is probably your best bet.

Intermediate to advanced you'd likely benefit from a split. Which is usually lower body twice a week, upper body and core twice a week. 4 strength training days total.

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3/22/13 7:33 A

I am trying to be more consistent with my strength training. I am not sure if I should do a total body training or do core one day, lower one day and upper another day?

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