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1/25/13 4:27 P

dynamic stretching and joint mobility for a warm up. Static stretching as a cool down.

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1/25/13 3:56 P

Does anyone have some good warm ups and cool downs for strength training?

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1/25/13 9:34 A

mondays, wednesdays, fridays for me for strength training. I do a day in between. And it also depends on what I am trying to achieve as well. everyone is different.

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1/25/13 8:51 A

Thank you for the ideas everyone. I will give some of this a try and map out a schedule. I really appreciate your assistance.
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1/25/13 8:39 A


You are correct that you should not strength train the same muscle groups on back to back days...the body makes the adaptation to your strength training when you are not working out. Some studies even go so far as recommending a soild 72 hour rest.

If you have not visited SparkPeople's Fitness Resource Center, below is a link to do just that. Lots of great articles and information to guide you through the process.>

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

Posts: 2,707
1/25/13 4:49 A

Look at or or look at New Rules of Lifting. I've read good things about Starting Strength, too. Lifting heavy enough to fatigue your muscles in less than 12 reps is important, and, as a beginner, a good full body program with the "big" lifts, squat, bench, dead lifts, bent over rows, over head press, 2-3 times a week is a good place to start.

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1/25/13 12:43 A

I started off by looking at online videos for different exercises that work different muscles and went from there. Because form is so important to get the full benefit of the exercise as well as to make sure you don't injure yourself, I would definitely suggest meeting with a trainer for even an hour just to get some basic moves down. I also buy fitness magazines because they usually have new exercises for me to do when I get bored with the ones I'm doing.

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Fitness Minutes: (12,407)
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1/24/13 11:52 P

I am having trouble working this in. There are dvd's with strength training on them but I believe you should only do this every other day. I really feel I don't know what I am doing and what the best way to begin. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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