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8/16/13 5:48 P

The best way to strength train your legs is to do combination moves which work your whole body... not just your legs. It's a common mistake for runners to focus only on their legs, when they need core, upper body, and lower body! You can break it up by area, but honestly, that's not the most efficient way to do it, and you're wasting time. (Not that it's a waste of time, just that you're literally doing things the hard way.)

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On the days that I run (well walk/run intervals right now), I find that I just don't have the energy to do any strength training afterwards. I do my cardio in the mornings, which is 5 days/week. My run/walk intervals are about 20 to 25 minutes in length 3 days (Mon, Wed, and Fridays) followed by the rowing machine. On Tuesday and Thursday, I choose to do some other cardio like the elliptical or cycling (currently some form of indoor cycling). I do my strength training on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday's. Basically, I think it might be better to do strength training on your non-running days. Of course, doing some stretching after running would help.

Lunges: Runner's Lunges, Forward Lunges, Lateral Lunges
Squats: Any variation
Other exercises: Bridges, Single Leg Bridge-Ups, Standing Abduction

The link below may be helpful. You can do any variation of squats. On the pushups, you could probably do whatever variation works for you. I think you could substitute some exercises for something you're more comfortable with as long as you're getting a full body workout. For example, I'm not a big fan of crunches, so I do the Seated Torso Twist with Medicine Ball instead of crunches and it still hits the abs and obliques. Instead of doing Superman (lower back), I do bridge-ups, which hits the lower back, shoulders, and abs. I do the modified pushups instead of the incline pushups.

Basic Strength Training Workout for Runners:

I hope this helps.

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Hi, I am training for the 5k and am wondering how and when to strength train my legs. The 5k program has me doing a run/walk three days of the week. Should I strength train my legs on a day I do the cardio for the 5k or train my legs on opposite days when I'm not running?

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