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10/18/13 2:35 P

I'm sure hoping you are able to connect with someone trained to assist in strength building after an injury. I would not just "hunt & find" to try to improve things on your own (unless you have a background in physical therapy!?).
-- I was fortunate to find such a person at my local gym. And I was able to have the cost for assistance/training deducted under medical reimbursement since it was treatment for injury.

You can re-injure yourself or cause other problems. There can be an imbalance set up when muscle areas were weak and until the muscles are taught to work together as they are intended, you can make the problem(s) worse.

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10/17/13 9:44 A

Hi Kathy

Did your doctor send you to physical therapy after surgery? A physical therapist is really the best person to give you advice on how to strengthen your shoulder and get it back to 100%.

Coach Jen

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10/17/13 9:26 A

2 years ago I had a shoulder replacement on the right, that is doing really well. But on my left shoulder I had surgery but the top muscle in the arm is not working. I can only raise my arm a little above shoulder height. The left arm is much weaker than the right. What kind of strength training would work for me?

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