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11/8/13 3:46 A

I've had the stinks. I used to waitress, and walking hours a day in closed shoes and nylons.. Ugh. I of course washed and scrubbed, used antibacterial wet-wipes and even changed pantyhose during long shifts. What worked for me was 3 things. 1) Putting shoes in the freezer. 2) soaking feet in strong black tea every night. 3) Using crystal rock deodorant after soak.
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Edited to add; they sell the crystal rock deodorant in sprays now! Progress..

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11/8/13 2:02 A

It could be those exercise shoes. If the shoes themselves smell bad, get rid of them. Start with fresh shoes, use foot powder and get a set of new, white socks that you can bleach in the wash.

I had this problem a few years ago with a pair of dance sneakers. They got a bit...mushroomy, which is odd since I am a fastidiously clean person and never wear any type of dance shoes as streetwear. No matter what I tried with respect to cleaning and drying the shoes, nothing really helped much until I just plain got rid of them.

You might want to try soaking your feet too. A friend of mine has chronic foot fungus problems, but he has found great relief by soaking his feet in very warm water with a cup or so of apple cider vinegar. This seems to help him more than the commercial sprays and creams that he has tried.

11/7/13 2:37 P

Thank you for your suggestions.

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Have you tried charcoal inserts like Dr. Scholl's? They make quite a difference.

In addition, you might try a mineral stone on your feet. They make them in roll-on shape now. That way you could keep the bacterial population down without preventing sweating. They say they're fine for feet.

If you have any toes very close together, you could also try Clotrimazole cream sold for athlete's foot but it also works on a much more likely culprit, a member of the Candida family that loves dark moist areas on our skin (not the same species as in vaginal infections). Also change socks often and wash/dry your feet in between. Try other things first, though.

Also try a zinc supplement. Don't overdo on the zinc but another 15 mg per day should be ok unless you're already saturated.

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11/6/13 6:26 P

One possibility is that you are not eating enough carbs for your increased needs, and thus are forcing your body to break down protein for energy. When protein is broken down, it produces ammonia as a waste product. Ammonia is toxic, and the body normally gets rid of it through urine, but if there is too much of it, it will also get rid of it through sweat, leading to sweat that smells quite distinctly.

Other ideas would be to wear less clothing while exercising (less sweating), and perhaps also washing your exercise shoes (just immerse them in warm water for a while).

Some people also advocate alternating 2 pairs of exercise shoes, to give them a chance to air out.


11/6/13 5:22 P

Ever since I started exercising my feet smell terrible! I shower after exercising with antibacterial soap, and I have special shoes for exercising in, but all my shoes are starting to stink. I do walk in my regular shoes because I have to walk if I want to go anywhere because the bus stops are a 25 minute walk from my house and my workout shoes don't look right with all my clothes, but I don't walk very fast. I always had to walk to the bus stop before I started exercising and my feet didn't stink like this, so I don't think it is from the walking.
My feet aren't itchy or anything like that, just stinky. I am really considering putting deodorant on my feet. I know it sounds strange, I am just frustrated.

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