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6/4/13 11:38 A

Your body is speaking to you. It's not a good idea to work out muscles that hurt, you can really injure yourself and that would be a big setback.
Perhaps you could choose to focus on cardio for a couple of days, like walking. I like to walk for awhile, run the distance between 2 telephone poles, walk, run...well, you get the picture. It's a great cardio workout and burns more calories than you can by doing strength training in the same time.
I really encourage you to give that upper body a rest so you don't hurt yourself. And make sure you're eating a good balance of carbs and protein to feed those muscles!
Good luck!

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6/4/13 6:21 A

You might consider soaking in a hot tub two to three times a day for at least one day and possibly two. Or soaking a towel in hot water, wring it out, drape it across your chest/arms and rest 10 minutes two or three times for at least a day or two.

Your muscles need to rest and to relax. The heat helps them relax. The rest helps them,!

I've used wet heat at least half a dozen times as I've been learning how far to push myself as a new exerciser, and it's been very helpful.

I hope you feel better soon.

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6/4/13 5:10 A

I agree that you overdid it a little. Are there modifications you can make in this class, for instance knee or incline push-ups rather than full ones, so it's less strenuous?

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6/3/13 11:41 P

CLARISSABOND....sorry to hear! Perhaps while you let your legs recover, you could check out some of the Seated Cardio videos on Spark..... I've looked at some as I will be having foot surgery later on, and you can get a good workout still.

Take care, hope you heal quickly!

6/3/13 11:19 P

I overdid it and injured my groin muscle almost 3 weeks ago. I am really afraid of myself now. I weighed more than 350 pounds when I started this odyssey. I have lost more than 75 pounds. I am now being asked to sit it out when I only recently got in the game. However every time I try to do a little bit of walking, gardening, or housework, I suffer strong setbacks, especially if the day that follows happens to be rainy.

I don't trust me!

If I don't come up with some sort of exercise program that will not strain my lower body, I fear I may not be able to get back to exercising. I have allowed much lesser side-tracks to bring me down in the past.

I am going to try easier exercises as suggested but I suppose I have to concentrate on my upper body.

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6/3/13 6:12 P

After a hard workout, day 3 is when I experience the most delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also called muscle fever, is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. [took that from Wikipedia]

I try to continue with easier workouts - yoga, pilates, then get back to tougher workouts when the pain lessens.

Alternatively, while recovering from DOMS in some body areas, you can switch to others (eg, lower versus upper body work).

Good luck!

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6/3/13 4:49 P

If y ou're still hurting after this long, you really overdid it. :) You need to dial it back a notch, and ease into things more gradually. Overtraining doesn't make you lose weight faster... quite the contrary!

No Pain = BIG Gain!

6/3/13 4:27 P

I took a really killer workout class on saturday and my chest and biceps are still hurting. I did a workout today (not as hard) and my arms still hurt. I have tried stretching but still really sore. Any suggestions. I want to keep going to the classes, so I can get stronger and fitter.

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