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1/23/14 8:18 P

if you are bringing some type of can always bring along a video and do it in your room if necessary. If you have resistant bands you can usually anchor it around the leg of a bed and do a routine or do one free form. You can turn on the radio in the room and do some cardio dancing. My issue (when I was traveling for business) was the temptation to overeat. Keep in mind that you can eat very healthy and ask for it to be made your way. It's rare not to have that option...even work lunches usually have salad and vegetarian options (which will give you more fiber and better nutrition). My group used to turn meals into feasts..with an endless assortment of appetizers. Beware. If you are tempted to snack...make a trail mix to bring with you (instead of hitting the candy machine. good luck

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1/23/14 8:12 P

If you are staying at a hotel check out the Fitness Center. If they do not have one then ask if they have an arrangement with a local gym.

If you have Internet access you can do some of the videos here on Spark or check out some work out videos on You Tube. Or take a work out DVD with you. Or go for a long walk every evening, exercise and sightseeing!

As for meals, if they have a breakfast bar grab an extra apple or banana for a snack later on in the day.
Pick the healthiest options from menus avoiding fried, breaded and cream sauce covered foods. Limit alcohol and appetizers and just do the best you can.

Have a good trip!

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1/23/14 8:00 P

Hi all! I just wanted to get some ideas for staying on track while away from home. I am going to be out of town for several days and part of me is freaking out a bit since I won't be able to hit the gym while I'm gone (believe me, I already checked to see if there was a Planet Fitness where I'm going, lol!) I also don't want to derail all the hard work I've done and get into a lazy cycle of doing nothing again.. Any ideas? Thanks!! emoticon

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