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Know that the quality of your life will be enriched and empowered if you make healthy choices. You will have more energy to enjoy your child/children and be a role model for them to have a healthy life. I am grateful every day for my robust health, stamina, strength and feelings of well being. It has and is worth every effort I have made to choose clean eating and mindful choices.

I wish you success. Food is fuel, go for unprocessed grains, colorful fruits and vegetables and lean protein and you will be on the right path to success.

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I didn't really understand a lot of your post; you use some text speak, and the lack of punctuation and capitalizations make it hard to decipher what you're trying to say! I'm not trying to be rude, I promise, just a suggestion for future communication.

All I can do is tell you what motivates me. I have two little girls, and what I do, they do. They're developing their lifelong habits now. I look at them, and that motivates me to get up, and do what's right for them, and for me. BEcause I don't want to teach them that 12 hours a day of not moving and eating too much is the way it should be.

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now it is time for me to keep this going caz now it the time i need to do this and keep going caz i know i have to do it and stay motivated caz i need to do this for me and i also am pushing myself even more now caz it is time to do bussness caz i need to and want to do this for me and my child what got me back here is that i had gained weight and i was not pleased with myself and had so much stress and was down and now that most of it is gone i am starting to feel better caz i have gotten the date to check my left knee out and go from there and also i want to get to the weight i want to and i want to have a better life for myself and my child needs me around i want to be around for a long time.... any ideas of how i can get more motivated please let me know thanks

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