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8/7/12 10:01 A

YOU = AWESOME X's 100!!
Atta girl!!!
Nice to know you can actually live life like a normal person and still succeed, isn't it?
Woo-hoo, you!


LINAMARIE64 SparkPoints: (4,612)
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8/7/12 9:03 A

another 2 lbs.... slowly but steady! Today will be a challenge, it's my birthday and I know there will be festivities. I suggested to my daughters that a fruit salad in place of a birthday cake would be nice.....lets see. Yesterday was my hubby's birthday so I smiled and had a quarter of a slice of cake, lol... Its was good emoticon

I can do this, I will do this....
NFLATTE Posts: 8,881
8/7/12 8:51 A

emoticon ...This is always a challenge for me too!

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8/7/12 2:31 A

All together now: Thank you, Nutrition Tracker! Again. Thank you, Nutrition Tracker!

It's the best invention since sliced 100% whole wheat bread.

Spark On!

Eliminate "I will try". Replace with "I will".
You are now ready to succeed.
Let's go.
ADARKARA Posts: 1,717
8/3/12 12:12 P

You ARE awesome! Great job!

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NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
8/3/12 10:04 A

Thhat is exactly the success that really deserves a big WOO HOO! It's the sort of challenge we all worry about! Keep on Sparking!

You’ll get where you want to go as long as you are taking more steps in the right direction than the wrong one.
8/2/12 2:49 P

Thank you!! And bonus, now I have a pudding cup left for TODAY. emoticon

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8/2/12 2:08 P

How awesome!!!! I'ts exciting when you can eat good stuff, enjoy yourself, AND stay within calorie range. A little planning goes a long way. Great job! emoticon

8/2/12 1:36 P

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Great job planning ahead. You are a Sparkie for sure.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.
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8/2/12 12:51 P

My husband and I went out for restaurant week last night. I'm pretty proud of myself - I looked up the menu online in the afternoon, put some stuff in my tracker, and chose my meal before we even got to the restaurant. I also ate less for lunch so I could enjoy myself (skipped my pudding cup, hahaha).

Usually that kind of thing makes me go "eh, it's a Special Occasion" and not track, but then I feel guilty, or do that too often and don't lose.

I had a filling breakfast & lunch, and a delicious dinner out including 1 piece of bread, 1 glass of wine, my full meal, and a couple bites of dessert, all staying within my calorie range. WOOOOOO!

You guys? I'm awesome. emoticon

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