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5/12/13 7:58 P

I see that you are a new member as of today.
This Site has nothing to do with the Lyn Genet program. And this site does not encourage the use of such plan. There is probably a team on this site that you may want to join. is a healthy eating and exercise plan to support a safe weight loss. It uses a sensible eating plan that includes a variety of nutrient rich foods to meet one's weight loss needs and total body health needs.

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5/12/13 6:32 P

sorry - I wasn't clear; but I thought instead of just on "Diet & Nutrition) forum, it was on "The Plan" (Lyn Genet Recitas..sp) - any rate--intense exercise may possibly sometime skew the weight results...that's what I was asking people about..sorry for the confustion.
Bottom line..(I have my recipes made) and am starting day one of "The Plan"...

5/12/13 5:35 P

I'm not sure what you are talking about either.
I'm following this thread and hopefully you can provide more
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5/12/13 5:24 P

I'm not certain I understand the question. What will you be starting tomorrow, exactly?

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5/12/13 4:05 P

Hey all - I have a couple exercise questions..Im a fitness instructor (Zumba) and teach Tues/Wed/Thurs and (two on) Saturday mornings..from what I'm reading..plan to not introduce new things on those days as the exercise may be too intense? is that what I'm getting from folks?

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