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7/9/13 7:24 A

Check out IndyGirl's Blogs. She is a wonder--lost 250 lbs without surgery. Started off nearly immobile but gradually developed an exercise program for folks with issues similar to hers.

Welcome (back) and best of success to you.

Margaret--Spring, TX
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7/9/13 1:15 A

Welcome! Under the Articles and Videos...look for Lifestyle Section.... There is one for Limited Mobility. Several great Spark Seated Workouts are linked there! Along with Walking, these might get you started.

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7/8/13 11:10 P

Try the Spark article "Think You Are Too Heavy for Exercise"


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7/8/13 11:01 P

Walking. :)


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7/8/13 10:52 P

Start with walking. Free, flexible and usually quite safe.

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FUNKI1 Posts: 5
7/8/13 10:34 P

hi all, am starting fresh.. i need help with an fitness plan, but i can't afford a personal trainer. Am very obese and i don't know where to start without having a heart attack.. any suggestions i can bring to a doctor for approval would be greatly appreciated.. thanks :)

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